Microsoft Volume License questions

I'm helping my church who bought some Office 2013 licenses from TechSoup.

We go to, log in and we can see licenses / downloads, etc.  I'm new to this.

We bought 4 office 2013 in 1 order, then 3 more in another order.  We now have 2 orders listed in VLSC and 2 different license keys.  Both say x/50 (not the 3 or 4 we actually bought - I think I saw tech soup said we can buy up to 50 office licenses per year?  Is that where the 50 comes from?)

We activated 4 of the 4 licenses for 1 key and it says 4/50 activations.

The other one still says 0/50 activations.

Is there a place to write notes in the VLSC for what machines used what keys?  Over time, if we need to wipe / reinstall a machine, we might not remember which key was used and use the wrong key

 (if we use the right key, the activation count won't go up if we reactivate on the same machine multiple times, right?  It knows that machine was already activated?  or is their system stupid / keeps incrementing the counter?).

And if we use the wrong key for a reinstall, does that increment the wrong license?  so with 7 licenses, 7 machines, we might wind up with 8 - 9 activations?
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The difficulty in your cases, by purchases you are entitled to 7 installed clients.
In either case when you have a single license or a combination of licenses spanning several orders,
 You have to keep track the clients where you installed to account for use. The activation count is just a reflection, I do not believe there is a way to rescind the activation when the system dies and a reinstall or replacement is used.

Yes, the activation increments the license used to install.

Depending on your setup, one option could be to setup an internal server against whom the application will authorize.
Though for your environment it might be too much.
The VLCS presumably has to license option for each purchase order.
Here is a link that deals with the kms, key management server that will validate/authorize/activate your VLCS installations.

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KMS won't work with this few clients.

The x/50 indication is standard. You can activate more times than you bought licenses for. Woe upon you if you are audited and discovered to be running more instances than you paid for. But by trusting customers to follow the rules, MS saves a fair amount of hassle, both for themselves and for customers. If you need more than 50 activations (say because of repeatedly stolen and replaced computers or something like that), you will have to speak to someone at Microsoft to increase your activation limit.

Recording which machines are attributable to which license purchase is something VLSC does not provide any help for. You have to do it yourself and, if you discover you've miscounted, you can de-activate/re-activate, burning up activation counts (up to your limit) so each license key has been assigned to the correct number of clients computers.
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