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Hi Everyone,

I've to buy a Wireless Presenter with LASER POINTER and I found that Targus has a great range but many option also confused me :-)


Which one should I buy?

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You have two choices, as the "-52" addendum doesn't seem to signify any changes.
Then the 13 and 16 differ only in form factor (so just think in your mind which one fits your hands better, which one has better button placements). Also the 13, has only one extra feature called Keylock Technology, which "blocks non-essential buttons to eliminate accidental button presses". It doesn't describe if it's the keys on the presenter itself, or the whole keyboard of the host system (your PC or laptop where you plugged it in). Personally, since you're away from the laptop or PC and its keyboard when you're presenting, I'm not sure what advantages this tech has in real life situations.
Both operate without drivers, and on a 2.4GHz RF frequency.
Basically, if someone handed you either one, you wouldn't really notice a difference. Therefore, let the price, form factor and availability decide for you.


Thanks for such a detailed and clear explanation. I hope it is going to help others too looking for the same.


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