scheduling a task in linux

Hi: My problem is that I want to append data from a dbf file to a mysql table automatically every night.
My question is twofold, of course - how to append and how to schedule -  but one at a time I think!
The question is this:
what would the experts propose to be the program best suited for running on a schedule?
I am looking at Ruby, but would also consider Java, python, or anything else. I guess I will wrap a SQL command into the program which will be executable from a  cron?
Before I start down one path I would like to know that whatever I use can be scheduled to run on a debian server nightly. And a little pointer as to how best to achieve that would be most beneficial!
Sorry to be so general but thanks anyway!
Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAsked:
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Personally, I think the php/mysql path would be the fastest way (although I can't be sure if DBF file import is supported). The support for it is the biggest, and you can put the command line easily in cron (/path/to/php -f filethatimports.php)
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
You can use dbf2mysql:
apt-get install dbf2mysql

Then create a shell script that imports/appends your data, test it, then schedule it to run whenever you want.

Something like
dbf2mysql -vv -U root -P yourpass -d yourdb -t yourtable -o field1, field2, ..., fieldn yourfile.dbf

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Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your advice, especially Kimputer for knocking up a quick script!
Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, Kimputer. I had looked at PHP but apparently PHP 5.3 and higher needs some tweaking for dbfs; which I completely failed to do!. I have no problem exporting the dbf from foxpro as a csv or similar, so the issue becomes slightly less. Will look at PHP again as I now understand that a cron is no problem. And thanks to Dan. I thought db f2mysql would not run unattended but will revisit.
Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Apologies to Dan; I had not realised that dbf2mysql was a class, not a standalone program.
And a note to other users - the excellent navicat software (which is not free but manages databases very well) has a scheduler!
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