Envy X360

Hi all,

I just bought an envy X360. with i5 processor. Brand new and have 2 problems with it.

Problem one: It is verry verry slow. I just installed office 2013 and when I open up a word file it takes a minute instead of second.
On my 10 year old notebook (with windows XP) it also takes a long time and that is why I want to replace it but it only takes a few seconds instead of minutes. the disk io graph in taskmanager tells me that they are 99%. Can this indicate that it is a disk problem? I checkdisk the disk but  no faults.

Problem two: Wifi connection is verry poor. Same case here. My 10year old notebook is connected on both floors of my home to wifi without any issue. This one will fail on one of the floors. I think it is unacceptable that a 10year old notebook has better wifi?

I updated all the drivers but no solution for the wifi problem. I suppose it is just a poor wifi card in the notebook?

Any sugestions? Or experience with the wifi part? Is it a poor wifi card for this serries?

Can somebody tell me what I should look at as wifi specs or card to make shure I buy one with good wifi connection?

kind regards
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since it is new - bring it back to the seller , and ask for repair / replacement
as for the wifi problem, it is possible that the old laptop had a stronger emitter, and connects better
you can try changing the used channel  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/21132/change-your-wi-fi-router-channel-to-optimize-your-wireless-signal/

you can also install a wifi booster : http://www.broadbandchoices.co.uk/ask-our-expert/boosting-a-wifi-signal-ask-our-expert
Lord_GarfieldAuthor Commented:
Yes The wifi booster is not an option in my opinion. The new laptop should be better then a 10 year old one. Technology is moving forward right?
Problem one:
Test memory with memtest 86
If you find bad mem. return RMA it for replacement.

Problem two:
Go to Device Manager
Right-click Wi-Fi Adapter
Click Properties (the properties window will open)
Click on Power Management tab
Remove check-mark from Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

You may also have to tweak router/access point settings.

Your bandwidth is shared with all the devices connected to your WiFi and modem, so could another device be hogging bandwidth?
If not solved with the advice I have given, then consider getting a more powerful WiFi router.

Envy X360 uses Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n (2.4 GHz only) Wi-Fi
You old XP uses 802.11 b/g slower than 802.11n

Others are having the same issue and following HP advice to update the drivers did not help.

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>>  Technology is moving forward right?   <<  right - but that does not always mean better
also - your router is not renewed for some time probably - that can help a lot too
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
On both laptops, install the free trial of http://www.hdtune.com and run it.  On the health tab, inspect the Reallocated sector count (05), the Current pending sector (C5), and the G-Sense information.  If the value in the data column is anything but 0 (zero), the hard disk drive may be failing and Windoze has an annoying habit of slowing down the drive access speed if this is happening.  If you find that there are problems, the right thing to do is to run the full error scan; even one red box is a pending disaster!

As to the WiFi, N is faster than G; but, has less range and WiFi is subject to blocking of the line-of-sight radio and interference from other radios.  Lets deal with that after we know about your hard disk drives.
it can be anything - even bad ram
that's why i suggested  to return it for repair/repalcement
if you try many things on it - you may even void warranty
As shown in the table below, the wireless 802.11n router modem has the best coverage in terms of distance. However, it doesn’t eliminate blind spots (dead zones)

802.11 Protocol  /  Freq (GHz) /      Bandwidth (MHz) /        Approximate indoor range /       Approximate outdoor range
a                                      3.7 - 5               20                                   35 m / 115 ft                                      120 m / 390 ft
b                                      2.4                       20                                   35 m / 115 ft                                       140 m / 460 ft
g                                      2.4                       20                                   38 m / 125 ft                                       140 m / 460 ft
n                                      2.4 - 5               20-40                            70 m / 230 ft                                       250 m / 820 ft

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Antenna Booster vs. Range Extender

Antenna booster is a short term solution, it simply amplifies the range, and it doesn’t extend the range. If the intention of amplifying the signal is to provide coverage for more people, this is not a viable solution as it might not handle the traffic unless your router comes with 3 antennas.

Lord_GarfieldAuthor Commented:
I'll first try to test the HD.
I let you know the results
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