Using relative sizing and placement for controls on an access 2013 form

Hello All

I am using Shrinker Stretcher for an Access program I am creating so that all the different monitor sizes are covered.  So far it is working really well, but I have an issue.

Up until now I have never used something like this, so if I needed a field to be in a certain location I simply put a number in the left and top fields.  When I use shrinker stretcher that won't fly anymore because if the form changes in size from the original those fields do not move.

How do you assign a relative value to properties like left, top and the like?  I am guessing it has something to do with the overall size of the form or subform?

My program is set up such that on the main form is a subform object that can have one of many different subforms put in based on the button pressed on the main form.  I do not know if that will help or not.

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Hi Andy

Are you talking about the ShrinkerStretcher from PetersSoftware?  I believe it should automatically change the size and position of controls when it resizes a form, so this suggests you are using it incorrectly.  Have you checked the FAQ at

If you cannot get your answer there then I suggest you email Peter - his address is at the bottom of the FAQ page.

Good luck!
Graham Mandeno [Access MVP since 1996]
alevin16Author Commented:
Hi Graham,

Yes it is the software by Peter, it is really incredible.  I am looking thru the help files right now but I have not across anything yet.  

Thanks for the post :)

I don't understand what you want to do with the control you put in a specific location.  If you want it to "float" with the rest of the controls when the form is resized, remove the numbers.  If you want it fixed, then what is the problem?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
My program is set up such that on the main form is a subform object that can have one of many different subforms put in based on the button pressed on the main form.
Just my experience here,....
But every time I actually see an interface that "needs" a shrinker/stretcher, ...I always see possible ways to redesign the interface to work with most common resolutions/monitor sizes.
The most direct being to just simplify the form to not display so much data/info.
    "object that can have one of many different subforms"
..."Many" Subforms?, ...what the limit here?
An app developed on dual 21 inch monitors set up at 2560 × 1600  will never look good on a 17 inch monitor at 1024 x768 (and vice versa)

While I am sure there is a workaround here, me, ...these utilities are never quite work the way I need them to, and create more complexity and overhead.
Did you try the contact link?

Let's see what others may post...


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alevin16Author Commented:
Hey Pat,

Some controls had to be longer based on the type the user chose.  For example if a user chose type A then the control should be 1 inch long, if they chose type B the control shrinks to .5 inches and another control appears next to it.  I could take a screenshot if that could help visualize what I was talking about.

For now what I did was take away the hard coded placements just so I could implement the SS program.

Hey Jeff

I completely agree with you about too much on the screen.  I originally broke up the data into multiple screens (basically just different tab pages) but the owners did not like it.  They wanted all the info right in front of their face, and they pay the bills :D

There are so many different monitors here and then there are people who change the size to 125% instead of 100 so it was getting crazy.  When I tried the program on a small thinkpad it was super tiny but that seems to be what they want.

Maybe when they see it they will agree to split things to multiple screens.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
You should contact Peter with this question. He is also a member of EE.
I have used SS several time and it's truly awesome.
alevin16Author Commented:
Hey DatabaseMX,

I think I will.  You are right, SS is really amazing.

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