Calculating a new interim value and then sorting by the new value


I have a table 'myTable' in a database with columns 'xxx' and 'yyy'. I would like to calculate a new column 'rating' based on some conditional statements and then sort the record set using the new column.

At the moment, I call the record set and store the values in PHP variables, then use the following PHP conditional statements to assign the rating:

	echo "ERROR: Cant caclulate rating - arguments missing";
	$msg="ERROR: Cant caclulate rating - arguments missing";

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The rating is then output to the screen.

This approach is ok, but it doesnt allow me to sort the information by this new rating value. Could someone suggest a method that i might use (preferably supply the SQL statement) to enable this operation to be processed by the MySQL statement?

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Dean OBrienAsked:
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Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
SELECT xxx, yyy,
            WHEN xxx > 10 AND yyy > 1000 THEN 5
            WHEN xxx > 7 AND yyy > 100 THEN 4
            WHEN xxx > 10 AND yyy > 70 THEN 4
            WHEN xxx > 7 AND yyy > 70 THEN 3
            WHEN xxx > 3 AND yyy > 70 THEN 3
            WHEN xxx > 7 AND yyy > 30 THEN 2
            WHEN xxx > 3 AND yyy > 70 THEN 2
            ELSE 1
      END AS rating
FROM myTable

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You can create calculated fields in SQL Server, and then do things like order queries on the table by the value in a calculated field.

Here's a very simple table to try playing with:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[__MyTest](
	[id] [int] NULL,
	[one] [int] NULL,
	[two] [int] NULL,
	[sum]  AS ([one]+[two]) PERSISTED,
	[product]  AS ([one]*[two]) PERSISTED

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Fill in the first two fields and then check out what you get - like this:
insert into __MyTest (id, one, two) select 1, 2, 4
select * from __MyTest

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Ray PaseurCommented:
If you can't get the results in the SQL query, the theory and practice here may be helpful.
Dean OBrienAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

Brian's solution did the trick perfectly.

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