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Looking for the Right App - Windows desktop Notifier

Hey Experts,

For those of you who remember "net send", Im looking for a software solution to do the same function, but perhaps with a little more flash.

I need to send notifications to all desktops to inform the end users of service interruptions, etc.

Some type of agent that sat in the systray, and I.T. can send a note to all via the app to all computers with the agent installed.

Have you see anything like this?
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You can use the built-in msg.exe. With some scripting, it works just as net send.
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msg.exe is ok, but I am looking for something with a little more window dressing. Pretty for the end users. :)
> ...something with a little more window dressing. Pretty for the end users. is nice. See the screenshots
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Bill Stone

Bopup Observer is a one-way messenger that can do this task too but it requires a communication server running on same LAN or to deliver offline messages and documents to users that are out their worspace. If you have a complex network or branches connected via Internet then you can try it