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I am currently thinking of creating a access database to support a tablet app database .  I have not used tablet apps before.  I have some general questions.
(1) Has anyone had access to Bento or File maker before and how does information between users get shared?  Is this through a shared account.
(2) Concerns about confidential information. Security of these 3rd party apps as the data will be shared between say 5 users.  Is this information encrypted on the cloud/web
(3) Requirements is to build 4 tabs/forms with uploaded information from the access database.  The app database will retain comments and texts provided by these users.  the uploaded information will be undated every week, however the database will update existing products and retain comments provided before, and any new products will be added.  The reason why I came across Bento4, and Filemaker as seems to handle it well
(4) On the other hand is there any app that can  export the data into a .csv file and that can be used to be imported back into the database with comments?
(5) Any other apps you would recommend that are both OS/Windows which should satisfy the requirements?
- The reason for the access database is to unsure consistency is maintained for existing products.

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Build a restapi arround your access database with asp or even better a c# application that runs as a service and delivers restapi like node.js :)
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I suspect you're referring to an ACE or JET database, and not the full Access product. ACE/JET is the database component of Access, and can be used outside of Access (and without Access installed at all).

ACE/JET databases are file-server databases, so you would not be able to connect to it unless your tablet is on the same "physical" network as that ACE/JET database (which means you could browse to it use a standard Windows Explorer-type interface). Also, ACE/JET are Windows-based products, so you'd be restricted to only Windows-based tables.

Finally, ACE/JET do not work well with wireless connections, and you'd experience corruption more often than not. All-in-all, I would not consider ACE/JET for use with tablets.

A better solution is to use SQL Server Express (or one of the other free solutions) as your data store. These support remote connections, can be used against a variety of OS platforms, and work much, much better in wireless configurations.
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I built a test tablet application using Access 2010 as the client and MySQL for the server db.  This was used by tech's to gather data for properties they were servicing in the field.  It included all the necessary forms (Timeclock, Work Orders and other tech details relating to a specific property.)  The tablet used a cellular connection to the internet and the VBA code was written such that the employee would fill out a specific form, the data collected from the form then connect to the server db to post it and disconnect from the server.  I did not link all the tables at one time .... I just connected and post transactions on demand.

To my surprise it worked flawlessly ... never had a problem with it although the client opted to develop a browser based app to eliminate having to install the Access Runtime on each tablet.  Don't know if they ever got the browser app working but I was impressed with how the Access GUI worked in that environment considering the short development time compared to the browser based app and the $$$$$ it would cost.

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Sorry for the late response.  Thanks some useful concepts learned from this discussion.
However I just have a few questions  about security to small apps for example file Maker
(1) Is there a risk of security to publishing small databases on to the net.  I suppose depends on service providers
(2) Most secure connection from security threats are I suppose connecting through IP address .  Is there any IP connection apps you would recommend to use on Android? Whats the difference between a WPE address and IP Address.  Is WPE secure?



Eric ShermanAccountant/Developer

Thanks for the points yasanthax ... Going over the web, security is always a concern.  My solution would work best for non-sensitive data but I'm sure there are lots of experts that can give you more insight regarding securing a web application.  Just depends on what level of security you are looking for.


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