Internet only accessible when browser is run as administrator

I've got an unusual one... I've got 1 PC that for some reason won't browse to web sites unless I run the browser as an administrator.  When I do a trace route (in an "as Administrator" CMD window) the hop times are quite long with some time outs but it does move through many servers... though in the end doesn't arrive at the expected IP before it starts timing out on every try.  Doing the same thing as a NON-admin does resolve the site IP ( in both cases) as but doesn't even hit our firewall IP.  We are running network cards with 2 static IPs on them.  An internal IP and another IP assigned by the government to access their systems which routes through their own router.  Persistent routes are used to direct any government site traffic through their router with a default route --> (our router) for the rest of the traffic.  This PC is one of about 15 PC's in the same location... all with the same setup but is the only one encountering the issue.  I may be wrong but it seems to me that if an administrator can access the internet then a non-admin should be able to as well.  None of the PC's in the office are used by users with admin rights.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there is not enough information.

Check the Internet options as the user and run the connection setup.

Does this user have issues on a different system?
Does try https

What OS system is this on?

Check routing table
Netstat -rn

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Greg_L_WERAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold... I knew I'd be short something but didn't want to over share up front ;)  Your ideas did solve it already though :)  We'd just gone through a server change and were using a proxy server which is no longer being used.  For some reason on this one PC the GPO changes to remove the proxy settings didn't work so they were still buried in the settings... also the connections tab had been hidden to prevent staff changing the settings which no longer is an issue.  Thanks for the quick response!
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