Black screen after updating to Windows 10


I have a Dell Latitude laptop and updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After the update I have the next problem. I start the laptop and see the logon screen, then I logon within my account. After logging in I subsequently see my desktop and a black screen. The screen actually is flashing. Sometimes I manage to open Microsoft Edge and can browse. But when I close Edge I end with a black screen with only the mouse cursor visible. If I don't open Edge, but wait, after a a couple of minutes the flashing stops ans I end with the same black screen. Anyone a clue how to solve this?

Regards Arne
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That is sometimes seen and seems to be some childhood disease of windows 10. I have never seen that after the system was updated once, only on systems with plain win10, so update your system.
Also tell me, can you still start task manager when it's black? Task manager has a shortcut: CTRL-Shift-Esc and we could do some diagnostic steps from there and also trigger updating.
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I can trigger taskmanager by CTRL-Shift-DEL. Do you have any steps I can take after I open task manager? By the way, at the moment I don't have my laptop with me. When I finished work I can test your steps and I can give you feedback.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
How much RAM do you have?  

I recently updated a Latitude 6410 with 4Gb, running 64 bit Windows 7.  It tended to crash in the way you describe once memory was all used. Upgrading to 6Gb reduced the problem, and made the machine at least useable.  This machine had Intel inbuilt video with shared RAM, it almost seems as though memory used for video was being stolen once nothing else was left.

I suspect that with 2Gb it would have crashed pretty soon after starting.
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While it's black, in task manager, click on more details. Then, on the tab "processes", see if there's a process windows explorer. If yes, rightclick it and select restart and see if you can reach the normal environment, then.
Under file, new task, you can open cmd and from there, launch the command
wuauclt /updatenow
to trigger updating.
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
@Malmensa: I check the RAM as soon as I have my laptop. At least I hope I can manage to check the RAM with the current status of my laptop.

@McKnife: Yesterday I tried this, but I didn't see a windows explorer process. To be sure I will check it again later this day
If there's none, create it with task manager: file - run new task - explorer
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for so far! Come back to you in 10 hours.
Sometimes, a full uninstall of the display drivers, and a reinstall using the newest version solves these nasty strange black screen problems.
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
@McKnife: I created the windows explorer process with file - run new task - explorer. Then I see for a tiny moment the explorer process in details, but then it disappears again. After that I opened a cmd as an administrator and typed the wuauclt /updatenow command (as well as the wuauclt.exe /updatenow command). But after both commands nothing happens: I see the command line in the C:\windows\system32 directory (actually in the directory the wuauclt.exe does exists).

Any clues what to do now? I would be also happy if I can roll back to my old windows version.
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
I also tried to rollback to Windows 7. I could reach the screen where the button is visible to rollback but after pressing the button nothing happens.
So since you probably won't try what I told you, can you at least give me the date of the graphics drivers, so that at least I know if I was close or not?
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

Yesterday I finally managed to do a rollback to Windows 7. So my laptop is ok now I will not do the Windows 10 upgrade anymore. Thanks for the comments.


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Not really solved, because you couldn't be bothered spending 20 minutes to try to fully uninstall graphics drivers and installing the newest after reboot.
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
@kimputer: I allready spend two evenings to solve the problem also using experts comments. As I really needed my laptop I yesterday choose for the safe rollback option. Your comment to reinstall the graphic drivers could indeed be the solution, but I didn't want to take the risk.
adiemeerAuthor Commented:
Actually not really solved but I am happy with the rollback
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