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What does it mean when I open a contact name ,their name at the top is sometimes bold and sometimes not. Does it mean they have muted me but are currently active? I have tried to have this question answered but no one seems to know. This only appears on my iPad but not on my iPhone.
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First a good advice to you:

Do yourself a favor and stop doing that. It will make you sick to watch people on messenger if they are online, active and you want them to respond. It will destroy you emotionaly. Trust me. I have had experience like this and you roll in to that. It is the real poison of social media.

It does not mean they have muted you. They probably temporarly deactivated their account.
Some people do this to make shure they are not interupted by messenger at work.

It can also mean they have blocked you. If so. they are not worth your love!!! Deal with it. Don't try to find out why.

Kind regards.


Thanks for the advice. You are right.

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