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Hello Experts,
We have a client with 70 users using Office 365 for emails and office. They have a domain controller which we are in the process of upgrading to Server 2012. This domain controller also acts as a File server too.
We were wondering what is the best policy with setting this up, should it be on a seperate server or is it ok on the same server?
also if anyone has any advice on how best to manage the process, as I imaginge lots of users will egt confused!
Thanks in advance.
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For only 70 users, setting up AD FS is an overkill IMO. If you want to deploy a proper configuration, you will need 2+2 servers, with the associated costs. Anything less means you are not offering a HA solution or are making compromises with security and usability.

I'd say use dirsync with password sync instead:
Just for 70 users you can use Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication. However it would result in remembering one extra password while using office 365.

If you are looking for single sign on then Office 365 gives you an option to sync your AD users to Office 365. In that case you can use the same users ID and provides single sign on without using ADFS.

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