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Windows Server Backup

Windows 2008 R2 server - running Windows Server Backup
Western Digital My Cloud EX2 - (Removed RAID configuration and formatted as JPOD - Just Plain Old Disk)
I am running Windows Server Backup to a 'Shared Network Folder' (\\\public) The folder is setup on the WD My Cloud.
Backup allows me to use this share for a backup.
It seems to run through the whole back, then indicates a 'fail'
I can see that the space on the on the Western Digital has been used and the files are there.
When I try to run a Recover operation, if I choose to recover from this server it shows nothing.  If I select a backup stored on another location, I can enter (\\\public) but then I get the following prompt :
'The backup location specified does not contain any backup.  Specify another backup location'

Can someone help me figure out how to make this work?
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Are you taking backup of entire HDD or a selected partition/system state?
Will it work if you select a single partition?
Does it work if you perform backup to a local disk such as USB disk or internal HDD?

Please answer these questions as they help us to narrow the problem to its bottleneck.
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I have tried everything from a full system backup (including system state and bare metal) to a backup of a small folder on my Data drive.  The result is always the same.

I have only tried doing this with my WD My Cloud EX2 (connected via Cat 5 with an IP address.

I tused to work with a Buffalo NAS drive.  Should I try this with a USB connection?
The backup seems to complete within Windows Server Backup, then it lists in the results as a failed backup.

I can see the files have been backed up when I look at the WD drive from the WD dashboard software.
Please try with a directly connected drive. Via USB as you said.
Unfortunately, the only way this connects to anything is via an Ethernet port.
Cannot connect via USB
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