Repair new macbook - Charger snapped in device - can't remove it

A client had his Mac Dropped. At first, all seemed to be well (solid state hard drives!). However he then realised he could not charge it as a bit of the charger, is stuck in the Charing socket.

It’s only about 4 months old and we believe this model:

We have not dealt with this yet so thought I’d ask the experts for heads up opinions? Is this something someone a bit handy with a screwdriver is going to be able to do?

Or back to Apple and pay them to fix?
Any trusted good third party services (client is concerned about data on device and wants to avoid reinstallation as involved setup with lots of apps etc.)
IT Man200Asked:
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The charger connects to the MacBook magnetically. There are no physical male and female parts. You should be able to pop it out using something like a plastic knife or anything else that won't scratch.
IT Man200Author Commented:
Hmmm good point. The client sent us a very bad photo so we could not make it out. but he seems adamant there is something stuck and that he attempted to remove with tweezers.

I guess we need to get the device and see it. But if any ideas, I'm all ears....

The magnet is pretty strong. Pulling it straight out would be difficult. You need to lever an edge.
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IT Man200Author Commented:
I believe a lever and edge were involved! Dropped an at angle.
With that in mind, what do you reckon repair options are?
See if you can lever it out with something soft or take it into an Apple Genius Bar.
Withou a really good photo it is impossible to give you any more accurate advise.
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
is it a new 12 Inch macbook? They dont have the magsafe connector anymore. They have usb-C only for data communication and power charge.

So dont use a lever in that case you will damage the mainboard, the port and or the plug. You really should provide a photo or bring the system to an apple shop to have a look at it.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I guess this isn't a mag connector - it's the new USB-C as shown on the 2015 MacBook Air Retina here:
USB-C PortThis isn't good news - the interior of the port is actually pretty fragile AND it's a multi-purpose connector on the Air so although getting power to it is a priority there's not much else you can do with directly connected peripherals either.

If it's just the USB-C plug that's broken it can be levered out with some very small flat blades - there's a small risk of bruising the alloy case around the port though and there's also a good chance the internal connector in the socket could have been damaged by the impact.  I'd recommend it's stripped down and the port removed from the motherboard.  It can either then be replaced or the plug removed and a better inspection of the centre component of the port made.  Given it's only a few months old try getting the owner to turn up in tears at the Apple Store and see if a sympathy vote might get someone to put it in for repair cheaply.  Otherwise the strip down to get at the port means removing nearly all the components and is probably 40 mins work.

There's a small but vocal group of Mac users who will be saying "told you so" after the decision to move to the more stylish USB-C from the Mag was made!

If your customer is really worried about their data you can remove the SSD's - you'll need a set of Tork (or more strictly Apple Pentalobe) drivers to remove the bolts in the base then the case opens easily and the SSD can be removed - I personally wouldn't recommend it though!!  Let Apple take the wrap for not putting it back together exactly right!

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Andreas is right. Switching away from the MagSafe connector was a dumb move by Apple. That would be a deal breaker for me if I were looking to replace my MacBook Pro.
IT Man200Author Commented:
In the end the customer was able to remove it before sending it to us so case closed, but thanks for the useful input.
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