Bad characters in csv top row.

I need to import data from a csv file into Access 2000. However, the top row of the csv has bad characters in it (see attached). Maybe some kind of encoding? Anyone know of a way to convert or strip out those characters maybe with a batch file before importing? (Can't use an import specification to define the column names)
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In your previous question, we talked about TextStream and ReadLine
There's the other end of it, too.  You can write files.

Dim fs As Object
Dim BatFile As TextStream
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set BatFile = fs.CreateTextFile("c:\SomeVeryNicePlace\MyCleanedUpFile.csv", True)

Now that it's opened you can start writing to it
BatFile.WriteLine ("<html>")
BatFile.WriteLine ("<Body>")
BatFile.WriteLine ("Hello World")
BatFile.WriteLine ("</Body>")
BatFile.WriteLine ("</html>")
Set BatFile = Nothing

Now, that example is not quite what you want
You'll want to WriteLine an nice comma-delimited header row
Then ReadLine the first bad row from your source file and do nothing
And then you want the Do While Loop from the previous question
You'll ReadLine each successive row from the source file to a variable and WriteLine it to the new file.
Fairly neat.

I use the technique to write html and batchfiles.
Any textfile you need can be written this way.
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
For a test, try this at a command prompt, and then try to import the result file.

type filein.csv > fileout.csv


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What do you see if you open the file using a hex editor?
Carlos IjalbaIT Systems DirectorCommented:
To easily strip off "weird" characters, the quickest method is to open the CSV file with windows Notepad, and save it again specifying character code as UTF-8.

After that, you can import in in excel or access without weird characters appearing.
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