How to Declare a global variable for storing the no.of .decimal values for a number(Variable)?

I need a global variable for storing the no.of Decimal values for a number (variable).... Below is the scenario...

I have a store Procedure where I declare all the decimal numbers at the start as shown below

Declare @timeID as Decimal(15,3), Declare @BusinessID as Decimal(15,3)

I need a variable which stores the decimal count say

Declare @decimalcount as Integer, @decimalcount=3

which I can use it in all the declartion i have done like

Declare @timeID as Decimal(15,@decimalcount)

Declare @BusinessID as Decimal(15,@decimalcount)

so by changing the value at one place would change all the values in the code.... Is this possible ?
Gowtham RamamoorthyAsked:
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x-menIT super heroCommented:
dynamic SQL:

DECLARE @decimalcount char(1) = 3
DECLARE @SQL nvarchar(MAX)

SET @SQL = 'Declare @BusinessID as Decimal(15,'+@decimalcount+'); set @BusinessID = 123.456789; SELECT @BusinessID'


dynamic SQL would not help here as the variable is only declared inside of the dynamic SQL part and would be lost after executing. So in the end you would need to convert the complete stored procedure to dynamic SQL which is not a good idea.

The easier way is to create a user-defined type like this:

CREATE TYPE dbo.BusinessID FROM decimal(15,3) NOT NULL; -- (or NULL instead)

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Now you can use that as a variable everywhere:

DECLARE @BusinessID AS dbo.BusinessID;

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Whenever you need to change that you only need to change the user-defined type.


The only way to emulate this is to declare a global temporary table inside a dynamic query and then use that instead of the variable:
    @decimals varchar(2)=5
EXEC('IF OBJECT_ID(''tempdb..##var'') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE ##var; CREATE TABLE ##var (val decimal(15,'+@decimals+'));')
insert ##var VALUES(2.12345678901234)
SELECT val from ##var

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You will notice that when you insert the value it will be rounded up based on the next decimal value when >=5 but this is valid with variables too.

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