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Exchange 2010 Receive Connectors - smart host

I've got a smarthost e-mail appliance that sits in our DMZ and I'm trying to make it to where it only connects to a specified Receive Connector on each of my Hub Transport servers. I have 4 Hub transport servers.

From that smarthost's console, I am testing with telnet, connecting to each HT server on port 25.

2 servers I get the same receive connector/relay each time.

However on the other 2, I get the wrong receive connector every time on 1, and the other it's hit-or-miss.

The two problem servers  for time's sake are MAIL3 and MAIL9.

When I telnet to 25, I constantly get the wrong receive connector. Even though I have a specified receive connector on that server that's identical to the other HT servers: it is called ReceiveFromDMZ and has the specified IP address /23, with Anonymous Users permissiosn group checked.
The receive connector it keeps connecting to for some reason, is the Default MAIL3 one, which has an IP range of - however it does not have Anonymous users checked.
Not sure if that matters, though, because the IP of the smarthost should be falling into the specified Network specified on the receive connector I wish for it to use, which does have Anonymous users box checked.

The other problematic one is similar, getting the Client MAIL9, however it's hit or miss, meaning I get the DMZ receive connector sometimes, while the Client MAIL9 other times.
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Ok ty I will go that route.