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With Excel VBA: Reorganizing the Plot Order on a chart by legend name, not number

I need to re-position the series in a chart based on the values of the series. The values to be sorted have corresponding series/legend names in Column B.So instead of moving the series up and down like this:
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(4).PlotOrder = 1

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I need to be able to specify the plot order of each series based on its name like this:  
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(Series Name).PlotOrder = 1

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Dim top As Range, btm As Range, topRw As Long, btmRw As Long, SrzNm As String
Set top = [B1].End(xlDown)
Set btm = top.End(xlDown)
topRw = top.Row - (top.Row - 1)
btmRw = btm.Row - [B1].End(xlDown).Row + 1
For i = topRw To btmRw
SrzNm = Cells(top.Row + i - 1, 2)
'ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(the PlotOrder number of the series collection named "SrzNm").PlotOrder = i
Next ii

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How would I write line 8 so that the PlotOrder of the series collection with the name of SrzNm would be the value of i?

Is this enough info?

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Thanks, Rgonzo. I tried that  - or what I thought was that! - before and it didn't work. Thank you for making me try it again.

~ John