SVN Tortoise - Can't create 2nd branch from trunk

I created a branch from the trunk using Tortoise SVN - Branch/tag and checked switch working copy to new branch/tag. Everything worked fine.

Now I would like to make a new branch from the trunk, and when I click Tortoise SVN - Branch/tag, the Repository From WC / URL: (the part that you can NOT change from this dialog box) is set to my other branch, the one that is now my working copy.

What do I need to do to create a new branch from the trunk? Can I switch the working copy back to the trunk? If so, how do I do this? I have searched everywhere for straightforward instructions on this and have found nothing.

pippen.NET Software DeveloperAsked:
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You should distinguish between working copy on your local drive and SVN repository folder.

Branch is just another "folder" in repository and if you are branching from the trunk then you should select some revision from the trunk. Such revision has exactly defined state and does not depend on your local working copy.

Working copy is just a mirror to the repository and you cannot mirror two different repository "folders" into one working folder.

To selecct different "Repository From WC / URL" you have to do one of the two below steps:

1) Create another local working copy folder from the trunk and branch from it.
2) Switch existing Working copy to another SVN version/branch by "Switch..." menu option.

Important note from Tortoise SVN help:
Switch works just like Update in that it never discards your local changes. Any changes you have made to your working copy which have not yet been committed will be merged when you do the Switch. If you do not want this to happen then you must either commit the changes before switching, or revert your working copy to an already-committed revision (typically HEAD).

I am not using Switch but I always have several working copies from the trunk and some active branches on my local disc.
pippen.NET Software DeveloperAuthor Commented:
What I want to do is make a new branch that is a copy of the trunk. My changes in the other branch need to be kept in that branch only, and I'm not ready to merge. I need a fresh new copy from the trunk.

1) Create another local working copy folder from the trunk...this sounds like the option I want, but I can't find any documentation on how to do this. The FROM location is stuck on my other branch, and I don't know how to change this.

All I know about working copy is that I clicked "Switch working copy to new branch/tag" when I made the first branch. I'm pretty sure this didn't change anything on the repository. It's just my local working copy.
Yes, your working copy containing the first branch should not change the trunk repository. Your action just created a new branch in SVN repository. You may use Repository browser to see the whole project structure.

The impossibility to create another branch seems to be some Tortoise internal restriction...

To create a new trunk working copy simply create an empty folder on your local disc, right click that new folder and select SVN Checkout... from the context menu.  Tortoise will offer to select the version so when you select (and import) the trunk you are ready for the next branch creation.

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pippen.NET Software DeveloperAuthor Commented:
That worked. Thanks!
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