I made a pdf file in VB6 which can be read by Adobe Reader 7 and 8 but not by Adobe Reader 11

Disappointing as it took quite a while to get everything together for this.  I had thought with the .pdf standard that Adobe Reader 11 would read everything that version 8 would.
The pdf file is a 2 page report including text boxes on page 1 and a jpg on page 2.
Attached is the utility I included in my project to generate it as well as an example report.

I haven't attached the actual project at this stage, but might do so if necessary.


I just found that the utility source would not upload because of the fonts files suffix .afm.  The example included a Fonts subdirectory and a few standard fonts files, like Helvetica.afm, Helvetica-Bold.afm.
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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Will ha e to check whether the newer version generate an error during rendering and will get back.
pau1scottAuthor Commented:
Alan Henderson - I can see it myself already with the older versions of Adobe Reader, but I want various end users to be able to read it even if they happen to have Adobe Reader XI

arnold - thanks, I'll wait

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Unfortunately, the versions I have 8.x and DC open the file.
Looking at document properties, the issue with XI might be that the Modified Date: is missing.
Even if takes you a few seconds to create the document, the modified date should be the same or later.

See if that makes a difference.

Does the XI versio spit out errors indicating what the issue might be or does it simply crash?
pau1scottAuthor Commented:
If you double-click the report file, XI starts but with no file as if you started it from Start>Programs.
From XI, if you File>Open, it says "This File is damaged."
Adjust your code to add the modified date a few seconds after the created date  and see if that fixes the issue with reader xi.

If you followed the suggestion and obtained foxit reader, document properties will have modified date reflecting invalid date.
pau1scottAuthor Commented:
I used notepad (!) to edit the report and found there was no moddate:
1 0 obj
/Producer ()
/Author ()
/CreationDate (D:20151021124452)
/Creator ()
/Keywords ()
/Subject ()
/Title (Fermenter Brew Report)
/ModDate ()

So I put in the mod date of 3 seconds later, and the problem persisted.  

Quite surprised, I didn't realise pdf was a text based thing.

Anyway I had another pdf thing called Nitro Reader and opened the file with that.  It gave the message "The requested page number is invalid and does not exist in the document" - now there's a clue.

Nitro also could not find the graph on the second page - maybe it was lost by Notepad.

Then I took the original version and it had the same Nitro message about the page number.  (Still opens without a problem with Adobe Reader 8.  I remember that having started with an example, I removed some of the bookmark stuff.  I can't access the VB6 system till tomorrow (17:30 here at present).
Any tips based on all this?  
Regardless I'll let you know.
PDF  defining the structure of the document, elements with binary data as content.
Similar to postscript.....

I'll take a look at the raw file to see if there is a page reference.
pau1scottAuthor Commented:
hi arnold, now it will be Monday before I get to the (customer) system.  I haven't set up VB6 properly on my W7 machines, and have no reason to spend that time at present.  You have been a good expert help and I think I'm nearly there but I don't want to close this without finding the problem.  Have a good weekend
Trying to see PDF structure

It has PDF structure references for different versions types.

Which version of reader XI do you have. Tested on 11.0.13 without an issue. It displayed an out of memory error.

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pau1scottAuthor Commented:
Hi Arnold,

I am using 11.0.13 on a 32 bit W7 machine.  My PC at home had I think the same version, and it was W7 64 bit.

I added the modified date (+3s) and put back in bookmarks on pages 1 and 2, but the problem on my Acrobat/PC persists.

Since you said it worked on Acrobat Reader DC and since the customer's SOE is probably an older version of Acrobat, I'll treat it as an acrobat reader version issue if they have problems.  That will be a different question.
The modedate format is not right.
Adding 3seconds was merely a suggestion to increase the string.

To D:20151021124455
the +3s is not a valid modifydate

I am not sure what page reference identified .......
If modified date parameter is included it should be set to either the same date as the creation date or some time later.......
though in some other than reflecting illegal date, or some strange string do not think it will have the consequence you've seen.....
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