Migrating company email accounts to a new ISP

Yann Shukor
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I have been asked to quote the transfer of a clients company email accounts (90) from one ISP to another.
This of encourse entails transfering of the actual data to the new server

I have done this before using IMAPSYNC, which basically, with the right set of parameters, can automate the data transfer between servers - and handle the transfer of any remaining differences before the actual switch

I was also advised to set the MX TTL to something low like 5 mins so as to enable a quicker transition once the time has come to switch over to the new server.

Any other suggestions that I should consider ?

The remaining uncertainty is how to bill this service: per mailbox, per time spent ?
Specific (figured) pricing suggestions would be really helpfull, thanks  

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What type of email system is it?  

As far as billing, I'd quote a base price for the migration project plus $x per mailbox.


Thanks for the response Keyser

It is just standard email (imap/smtp)

Do you have a idea of the per mailbox rate ?
That completely depends on your pricing model for support.  For a simple non-Exchange project that doesn't involve configuring a server or post-deployment support (including Outlook reconfiguration), I'd say something low like $2/user.  Again though this is all very generic.

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