BlackBerry Enterprise server removal from domain

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Is there anything special to removing the BlackBerry Enterprise server from a domain? We run the BES server on a different server than our exchange server. Just making sure that it is straight forward and no hoops to jump. Our servers are running Windows 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010. BES server is running v5
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Follow the steps below to remove the BES server from Exchange and your environment.

You can also reference the link below.

Md. MojahidExchange server admin
Were you logged in as the BES Service account? This is usually besadmin.
If not, then you should login as that user.

The reinstall/remove method can sometimes work as well. That is where you login as the besadmin account, reinstall the product then remove it immediately.

Also try stopping the services before removing the product.

The links above will expire soon, for reference they are this:

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