Best Programming langauge to use for writing business applications is.......

John Battles
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We develop all of our internal business systems in vb6 (AR/AP/Inventory Control/HR/Order & Billing/Sales etc etc) We have custom written this "system" for over 10 years, so it is HUGE and highly customized, to work on desktops and handheld scan guns. Windows based, using a SQL backend

Now, as we begin 2016, which language should be invest in learning ? Our goal is to learn a newer language for designing the systems of the future. We figure it will remain windows based, but may interact with desktops, tablets and possibly phones. We want something that will be good for "business related applications" to replace or enhance what we have, more than likely keeping the SQL platform.
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
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I would go with C# because if you go with VB.Net you might be tempted to reproduce the same patterns you had in VB6 (too procedural).

And with Visual Studio 2015, you can (using C# or VB.Net), create UWP applications ( that will run can run on multiple targets.

So ideally, you create a regular (WPF might be your solution) application and you create another one using UWP having less features.
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I would go with VB.Net as it is the easiest migration path for your developers.  I would add training to teach them about object oriented programming.

I would recommend that you add javascript as a second language for your developers.

While you could choose/add a language that is more functional in nature, I don't think it would be a good investment of your near-term migration needs.
John BattlesDirector of IT


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it

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