Adding DNS entries

Hi experts,

We have a server that is running a web base application but the login url is long something like http://localserver/page1/login/xxxx/'

I would like something shorter.

can you please give me the steps to do this on the DNS. I have not done this before. I looked at the dns and I don't see any entries. do I do it this change in the server or in the domain controller ?
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Asked:
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DNS resolves ONLY hostnames, URL is NOTHING a DNS server can handle.
If you have control over the webserver, put a file in the root that forwards to the login page.
If you don't have control over the webserver, start using the favorites/bookmarks functions of the browser, have a desktop icon, or shortcut in the task bar.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
I have access to the webserver. where in the webserver I can do that?
is there anything I can do for the users to access it using a shorter url string.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
If it is a windows Web server, you could just create a site with a host header name (unless this is the only site on the box, then you can use the root site)  and use Http redirection to redirect it to that exact URL. If it is Apache, the a redirect file is the way to go.
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SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
it is a windows server 2012 R2 and it has IIS but the application that is installed in it has is its own management services using its own web services but I am not familiar with it and I do not want to touch it. My job is to just make the access for the users easy

Can I still create a website in IIS and point it to the shorter webpage? if there is any guideline or steps I can follow will be appreciated.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
When I talked to other everyone things it can be done via dns. I am just surprised
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Yes, you can. You create a website with the shorter name. As long as IIS redirect is installed as a feature in the server, you can select it and redirect that site to the http://localserver/page1/login//xxx or whatever you want. It is a common way of doing what you want. We use it to publish webmail without adding the /owa at the end.
Steps are
Select the name you want users to use, such as http://myapp
add that dns entry into your dns as an A record pointing to the IP of the web server
Create a new Website. In the Host Name Window, put myapp (or whatever you are going to use)
Once the site is created, Select it and click the IIS Redirect Icon.
Check the redirect requests checkbox and enter the full path you want it to redirect to, including the http://. So it you wnat it to redirect to http://localserver/page1/login that is what you would enter.
Below it, check the box for Only redirect requests for content in this directory and make sure Found (302)  is the status code.
Make sure the site is started and then test the redirect from a PC. once it is working, disseminate it.

That is a succinct as I can make it.

  Thinking it can be done solely via DNS is a common misconception among those who do not fully understand it. DNS cannot do anything about directories to the right of the / so DNS would resolve to be the same IP as Since everything to the left of the first / is the same, DNS sees no difference,

Hope this helps
You are surprised ppl are telling you it can be done through DNS? I'm not actually. I would only be surprised if they actually explained it to you and got it to work (which I'm 100% sure they can't, otherwise they would have already).
As you said, you have control over the webserver. Just have index.html have a meta refresh to the log in page. It's as simple as that.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
That works too but you should explain exactly how to format the meta refresh tag  and add it to an index.html.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:

I installed the redirection feature on the server.

In my case I already have the site with the long URL as I understand. When I add a new site with the same physical path it does not accept it. Also I want to know how can I find a physical path of a site. For example if I go the the explorer and I type Http://Localhost/servicePortal/frontdesk -->  I get the full website.

But when I go to the IIS and click on the site that is pointed to the physical location C:\programFiles(x86)\application\serviceportal\  --> and I click browse I see less contents on this site.

Sorry I am just new into this so I am not sure how it is working. I want to create a new site as suggest http://servicefacility and browse to the physical location that will give me the full site.

Please help.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
OK. the new site will not really point anywhere. It will only be used for redirection. It will in essence be empty. When you Right click on Sites (or use the Add Website link on the right side, you give it the name you want. servicefacility redirect. This just names the site in the console so you can identify it. For path, you can select the browse button and then use the new Folder button to make an empty folder on one of your drives. You do not need to have anything in the folder, it is just a holder for the site. Keep the binding, port and IP address at default and in the Host Name box, put Servicefacility. This name, servicefacility, is what you make a DNS record of in your AD DNS zone. this way, it will be treated like an intranet site and you won't have to use a fully qualified name for it. Then do the redirect part.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Ok now I understand.

I have another issue as I was playing with the current site that I told you I clicked browse on the site and now I am getting server error message that in portal application.

it shows like this  

The length of the url for this request exceeds the configured maxUrlLength value.

I only created the new site and I did the binding using the IP address of the server and now I deleted it but why do I get this error on the original site. Please help
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
don't worry about the error it is resolved. It's late  night here. I will touch base with you when I try working on this issue tomorrow or Tuesday but the tip was excellent.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Hi Ivjeff,

I created a new site and choose a new folder in the C drive. Do I need any permissions in this folder or default from the server is good.

I created a CNAME: SERVICEFACILTY and when I ping it I get the IP reply from the server. I am assuming that is good.

when I do the redirect of the site to the http://server/portal/servicefacilty.  I notice few things happening.

1. The original site stops working for some reason.
2. when I type theURL HTTP://SERVICEFACITY  I get page error and the url has path changes to http://server/portal/sericefacily/portal/servicefacilty/portal/servicefacilty/portal/servicefacilty/
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Personally, I don't use CNAMES unless I think the server IP will change later. I would rather use an A record. (you can have unlimited names resolve to the same IP, no problems there). With redirection, it can cause some issues. What it sounds like is you have not got the redirect exactly right. It should look similar to what is in the screenshot I am attaching. Also, make sure the redirect site has the host header name of ServiceFacility assigned to it. If you have multiple sites with the same IP but no host header, the default site will shutdown.

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SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Thank you IVJeff. I really appreciate your help.

It is working now.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Glad to help
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