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How to Backup Delayed Delivery emails in outlook

Hi all

So we have a number of users that use delayed delivery in outlook. From my understanding these emails which are waiting to be sent are sitting in the out box on the users work PC. The main issues i have with this is that these do not sync with the exchange server so if the PC dies then these emails will never be sent and potentially be lost.

Does anyone know of another safer option to perform this delay delivery function in outlook where the emails are saved or backed up.

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Eugenio Cebollero
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The shortcoming here appears to be the client or Outlook instance on the end user's PC. I was going to suggest using OWA to achieve this function; however, OWA or Office 365 doesn't appear to support this feature. So you are back to the PC dependency and the limitations of ensuring availability at the client. "PC dying" is a pretty general term for any number of things that can happen with a computer - power loss, hard drive loss, theft, electrical surge, etc., but I would imagine your #1 concern is data loss.

Outlook in cached mode relies on an .OST file on the hard drive. You can back up an end user's .OST file which is where the "delayed" message would live. Of course, the .OST has everything else in the user's set of offline folders so storage becomes a relevant issue.

In short, one proposed solution would be to change the location of the .OST and ensure backups are made of the .OST....which would contain the stored delayed Emails.

I hope this helps with at least an approach to solving for the problem.
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Alexei Kuznetsov
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Autoarchive would be good if it copied that one folder instead of moving the items.