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Manoj Bojewar
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one of my user send email to few internal and one external recipient and he got below bounce back message. Remote Server returned '550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired;. Not sure the cause of this error. i verified message log header and find only suspected thing is message content type shows :       application/ms-tnef; name="winmail.dat".

Exchange 2013 and outlook 2013
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It totally depends on what queue it is. Is this a response of their own Exchange server, or is it a response of their own Exchange server AFTER a conversation with the destination server (it will tell you in the error message, the responsible server).
That way you know if it's YOUR queue that's expired, or the other queue.
Assuming for now that it's your own queue, check your logs or use Wireshark to check the whole email conversation why the email is not being accepted. If nothing shows, it could be a wrong email address or DNS entry (and your mail server tries to connect to an IP that's not responding).

Don't worry about the winmail.dat line, that's normal.  Assuming this is an Exchange server, check the SMTPSend protocol logs for a detailed view of the SMTP conversation between your server and the recipeints:


The path for Exchange 2013 is:


Verbose logging has to be enabled:
After doing complete analysis, identified the problem with Signature logo hyperlink to my company websites. After removing logo hyperlink, it started working fine


it almost take 15 days for me to identify this problem.

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