Root multiple Android phones per PC

I need any possible solution to root multiple Android devices per each machine. Change any variable you need (OS, include servers if need be, special equipment) it doesn't matter. Here is the current setup:
about 20 Dell laptops running Win 7 on a bench rooting 1 phone at a time.
When rooting, all phones will be the same model, version, everything. Also Can't install mods on the phones as they are going out to clients and need on it only what they ask,

Not sure if there is maybe a way to take a full image of a finished android phone (maybe with linux if need be) and then be able to deploy on to the phones plugged into the machine. This would be the best way if this is possible.

~20 Dell laptops
Win 7
Android phones
Nothing on the laptops besides Drivers needed for the phones
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With Linux you can access unlimited number of phones with adb on each USB port, +no drivers needed.
You just make script that runs when new USB device is plugged via UDEV and here comes your workbench.
Why would you need to root the phones? I dont see remotely 20 customers needing rooted phones in same electronics store.

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DSTechTeamAuthor Commented:
A vendor sends our client the phones to root then they send them back. They root them to have superuser and some other app they use. They all already have a user, they're not being sent to a store lol but is there any way I can get this to work on windows? I don't want to make the laptop incapable of rooting other phones that come in because they will have been set to do only one phone.
Linux need be
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