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Greetings I am using Logparser which I believe is in SQL. I have the command in SQL that runs but I was needing help either directing this back to exchange powershell  or should I get the info I need in powershell first.

logparser.exe "SELECT User-email,client-software,client-software-version as Version,client-mode,client-ip,protocol from "D:\logs\RCA*.LOG"  WHERE (operation='Connect') OR Client-Mode LIKE '%mode' GROUP BY User-email,client-software,Version,client-mode,client-ip,protocol ORDER BY User-email" -i:CSV -nSkipLines:4 -o:CSV > c:\path

The info I need in powershell is foreach {get-mailbox $_ } | select primarysmtpaddress, organizationalunit

Please help we are running exchange 2013 and I am sing logparser 2.2
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Kudos for using LPS.

Try this:

Import-Csv lpsoutput.csv | ForEach-Object {
    Get-Mailbox $_.User-email | Select-Object PrimarySmtpAddress,OrganizationalUnit

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Not sure what kind of output you're looking for


thank you sir

techdrive, I'm happy to hear I was able to assist.  If you found my contribution to this post valuable, please select the 'Accept Solution' link under my answer.  Thank you.

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