Why does htmlspecialchars not work?

Here's my code:

				echo "yes";
				$description= htmlspecialchars("$_POST[description_html]", ENT_QUOTES);
				echo $description;
			$sql_1="select id from calendar order by id DESC LIMIT 1";
			$event_id= $row_1['id']+1;
			$short_name = $mysqli->real_escape_string(trim($_POST['short_name']));
			$the_region = $mysqli->real_escape_string(trim($_POST['region']));
			$article_date = $_POST['sdate'];

			$sql="insert into calendar (short_name, description, state, region, date, event_id, market, html_content) values ('$short_name', '$description', '$the_state', '$the_region', '$article_date', '$event_id', '$the_market', '$html_content')";
			echo $sql;

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Here's what I get:

Notice the "yes" in the upper left hand corner. That means my code is "sensing" the fact that I've got incoming HTML code correctly. Not I'm going to insert it into the database using "$description= htmlspecialchars("$_POST[description_html]", ENT_QUOTES);." But when you look at the printed $sql statement, you've got:

insert into calendar (short_name, description, state, region, date, event_id, market, html_content) values ('more web', '', 'South Carolina', 'CATN', '2015-10-15', '5319', 'Charleston - CHS', 'Y')

It's like the $_POST['description_HTML'] has disappeared. Yet, it prints just fine when I simply "echo" later in the page.

What's wrong with my insert statement?
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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Ray PaseurCommented:
It's not just the INSERT statement  that is wrong -- it's the whole strategy.  Let's try to deconstruct the concepts here and show you some ways of finding the data.

After a POST-method request is made to your PHP script, you can see the POST request data.  You use var_dump($_POST) to do this.  Then you use your browser's "view source" capability to see what is really there.  You cannot trust the browser output - you must use "view source" for this.

When you receive data from a POST-method request and you want to store it in your database, you take two basic steps.  First, you sanitize the data, checking to see that numeric fields have numbers, date fields have dates, etc.  Once all of the data passes the sanitize filters, then you use the context-appropriate real_escape_string() functions to prepare the data for safe use in a query.  And then you insert it into the database.

When you retrieve the data from the database and want to display it to your client's browser, you use htmlentities() or similar to prepare the data for safe display in the browser.

That's the overall strategy - filter input, escape output.  Now on to the specifics, which may involve two things that I think we've talked about before: error_reporting() and the correct use of quotes.

Always, always, always use error_reporting(E_ALL); no exceptions.

Correct use of quotes is described here.

This looks wrong to me and I think it should have been flagged by error_reporting(E_ALL):
$description= htmlspecialchars("$_POST[description_html]", ENT_QUOTES);

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Maybe try it this way instead:
$description = $mysqli->real_escape_string($_POST['description_html']);

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Of course, there is also the possibility that $_POST did not contain any information in the description_html element.

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Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:

Project Completed!
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