freepbx Fax not working

Hi Experts,

I am currently using Trixbox for our phone system. I decided to upgrade the system with FreePBX distro since Trixbox is no longer supported and it is getting old. I am using 2 Rhino cards inside my server , an R24FXX (8FXX and 2FXo) and R2T1 (2 PRI)

Those are the steps I took in order to upgrade my system:
I removed my 2 mirroring drives (Trixbox installation ) and installed 2 new drives.
I removed the 2 rhino cards
I installed the Freepbx Distro from a CD that I burnt and follow the instruction from Freepbx site.
after all the updates and the initial configuration I shutdown the server and reinstalled the cards

Freepbx found the 2 cards and installed them properly

I configured my extensions and plugged my 2 PRI lines into it.

Everything works properly besides my faxes , when I send a fax from one of my fax to another fax that I have , the fax ring , pickup the call , start to do the negotiation signaling and then the call hangs up with no fax. I tried to send from both directions, and I also tried from direct extension to bypass the provider in case the issue was coming from the provider.

I plugged an analog phone to the fax line and made a call and it works fine.

I am not sure what's causing the issue to not have fax talking to another fax machine.

I removed the drives and plug back my old Trixbox drives and tested the fax and it worked. so I reinserted my 2 drives with FreePBX on it and tested again and it doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciate.

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So, have you search the FreePBX forums.   Fax has many discussion threads there as well as a large number of How to postings..   I will say that today's Fax and the Trix Fax are two totally different products and while the results will be basically the same the process of getting them working is totally different.   --

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tavernyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your respond.
I did search on the forum and also posted my question there as well . most of the posts that I found is related to the fax pro module( fax to email) . I really want the traditional way for now (fax coming to a fax machine) .
I will look at your links , but I really would like to figure out what is causing this issue and most of all troubleshoot it.
tavernyAuthor Commented:
I had looked at those 2 posts already. does the setting of the general fax needs to be configured when I use multiple fax machine? I don't want to have every outgoing fax from all my machines showing the same number.
I setup each fax as an extension to a port on my analog card. That is the way I had set it up on my trixbox machine.
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Again,  you need to forget everything you knew about fax on Trixbox.   It's a different world.

You choose the FreePBX distro for a reason,  and you need to just read through there various options on the WiKi and forums and decide how you want to do this for your group.  There is no one way that is right.  

For debug you always start in /var/log and /var/log/asterisk and review the various logs (errors).

You might want to look at some of the HylaFax sites as well -
tavernyAuthor Commented:
I understand it's a different world, but I would think an fxs or fxo port would work the same.

Apparently I don't understand how that works and this is why I posted on this site to ask for help.
Since you understand how that works, how would you setup 2 fax machines? I have port 54 thru 60 available for analog devices.
I am sure since I am used to Trixbox my understanding needs to be reconditioned to understand Distro better. I have red numerous post and still don't understand what I am doing wrong. I also updated the firmware of my rhino cards in case the issue was coming from it, but with no success.
I will look at Hylafax now.
Thanks for your response , any comments would be appreciated.
Well to be honest,  I only do fax kicking and screening these days..

Much prefer Scan to E-mail applications. ...

Also, while I follow the FreePBX distro all my builds are PBXinaFLash and or Elastic.  

I am sorry, but there are just so many little things that can be the cause of your issues I would have to sit down with you and walk through all of it to even begin to help you on specific settings and variables that could be causing you problems.  

That said, the forums are a very good support tool and you should get some help, just may not be till latter in the week.
tavernyAuthor Commented:
I would have also preferred to use email instead but unfortunately we still need to use fax at this time.

I do appreciate your help , and I would also preferred you sitting next to me showing me the proper configuration.
If you are willing to help me with some of the steps I can post screen shots of what I have done and what I have clicked so may be you can see right then what is the issue.
See where you get to,  I may have time latter in the week for a Team Viewer session and we can look together.  But, I just have my own fires to fight today.

Sorry -
tavernyAuthor Commented:
no worry I understand . Thank you.
tavernyAuthor Commented:
Hi ,
 I finally resolved the issue. I ordered a new card from Rhino equipment and tried it again and I had the same issue. so I called tech support of Rhino and they logged in the machine and figured out the issues.
 The card has an echo canceler built in , when installing the cad from the gui the freepbx software doesn't turn on the hardware echo but the software echo and that creates an issue with fax transmission.
 so here are the step from the vendor:

 1-Edit file /etc/dahdi/system.conf (replace oslec with hwec) save file.
 2-Run "dahdi_cfg -vvv" (should show you the output with channels info)
 3-Restart asterisk , run "amportal restart"

 If you setup the card using the web tool , it will reset all configurations, then you need to follow step1-3.

 Thank you for your help on this issue.
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