VLAN Configuration

I am trying to install a WAP371 in my home office. I have clients come over sometimes and want to put them on a different gateway/subnet from the rest of the work subnet. But I'm struggling to get wifi to play nice with two VLANs. No matter what I do I'm unable to connect to the guest wifi if the VLAN is set to the guest vlan, but if it switch it back to the office vlan it works fine. Could someone look at my configuration below and see if I'm configuring it wrong or suggest something else. I'm not 100% sure but do I need a switch where I can edit settings at a layer 2 level, like the sg300? I assumed that my gateway information would be fed up from the router when the tagged value comes from the AP to the routher. Am I wrong about this?

I have a ISA550 router configured with 2 vlans configured:

VLAN 1 - ip addr: vlan id 1
VLAN 2 - ip addr: vlan id 2
On the router I have plugged ethernet cable from port 5 to port Port 49 on my new switch. Then in the router configuration section configured the physical interface to be a trunk of the VLAN 1 and VLAN 2.

I purchased a new switch SG220-50p to replace my old SRVW2048 because it didn't support POE or IE6+.
I created VLAN 2 and assigned it ID '2'.
Then I went into PORT VLAN Membership and configured the GE1 interface to accept VLAN ID 1 and VLAN ID 2 in TRUNK MODE.
Then for GE PORT 1 (where the WAP371) is plugged thru, I configured the "PORT TO VLAN" setting and configured the interface to 'TAGGED' for vlan ID 1 and vlan ID 2.

Then in the WAP 371 I went into the configuration page and setup the "LAN" -> VLAN and IPv4 Addresses -> untagged vlag -> disabled.
Then in the WIRELESS -> Networks -> Configured two networks->

1. Default - vlan id 1
2. guest - vlan id 2
ramanjitsingh04Development ManagerAsked:
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Just for the purpose of providing a guest Wi-Fi network, this looks over-complicated for me.

Just buy a home wi-fi router that includes a configuration for a guest network. I use an Asus RT-AC56U and I've had no problems with it.

ramanjitsingh04Development ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have other servers devices needing the VLAN configuration anyway. So outside the need for a guest network, I still face a VLAN configuration problem. I was trying to keep the other components on the network out of the picture to make it simpler to handle.
Mick FinleyNetwork EngineerCommented:
I'm not familiar with your devices, but I'm noticing the use of 'Tag' and 'Trunk' when connecting the devices.  These terms do not mean the same thing on all network devices.  Sometimes 'tag' means vlan aggregation and sometimes port aggregation, same description with 'trunk' .  Some AP's require the primary vlan to be untagged(single vlan) and the other vlans on that port to be tagged(multiple vlans).  Maybe you know this already, but if not it could help with the configs.

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