Center Center.

Couple of Years ago, through the advise I got from here, I bought and used  NETGEAR FS726TP,
Grandstream GXP-2000 to setup a small center operation. Unfortunately, due to lightening, the netgear is no longer working. And I need to replace it, but I am wondering if there's something better out there. The netgear served me well, and still does, just the POE doesn't work. But the Grandstream, I am only able to use 1 RIGHT now.. others are not working fine.

So, I need advise on the headset for call center to buy. Switch to buy. and Telephone to buy. Keep in mind, I use asterisk linked with a crm on a local server.

I still use the server below:

HP ProLiant ML110 G6 Quad Core X3430 Tower Server
Type: Server
Form Factor: Tower
Processor: Intel Xeon X3430 Quad Core 2.40GHz
Cache Memory: 8MB L3 Cache
Memory: 24GB RAM(Installed)/8GB (Max)
Hard Drive: 240GB SSD
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM
Graphics Controller: Shared Video Memory (UMA)

My question is what sort of tools including Headset Phone, Routers, or Telephone card do you recommend for a small business of up to 8 seater call center, to get the best quality. Everything needs to be physically done.
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Lifetime warranty.
Just send it back for an exchange.
damola1Author Commented:
Unfortunately due to current location that will require a lot of effort.

Should I buy same model or there is something better?
I would go Netgear POE gig if you're buying new.

As for the warranty,they do cross ship.

You get an rma ,they send you a new one,you send old one back.

I'm a Netgear dealer and their warranty service is A1.
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damola1Author Commented:
Any particular model for the new one?
damola1Author Commented:
Will this be good enough then?

Why buy 10/100 when you can get all gig for about the same price?
damola1Author Commented:
I buy from the UK.

And $400 is a lot to spend if there's no significant difference in terms of user experience. Will there be better call clarity? I ran my office in a cat 6 cable lan connection.
>better call clarity?
That depends on a lot of factors.but faster is always better

If all you do is voip and the handsets are just 100,probably not.

But if it's connected to a data LAN and the devices support gig,it makes a difference in terms of things like data transfers and the network not getting bogged down if somebody is copying files or running a backup.

I run nothing but gig these days
damola1Author Commented:
All, we really do is VOip. And the handsets are not even up to 10. We are a startup. We are a startup ecommerce. in a small dingy office.
Then any good POE switch will do.
The Netgear you want is fine.

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damola1Author Commented:
Do you have advise for the right Ip phone and also NAS server
Do you have advise for the right Ip phone and also NAS server

Depends upon your budget.
Ci$co  ShoreTel and Avaya come to mind.

As for NAS ,Netgear makes some good ones,but again what's your budget and how much space do you need?
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
for nas i can recommend QNAP.
Solid machines.
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