PPS Dashboards are not populated on IPad

Hi Experts,

PPS dashboard report not being rendered in IPAD (using  sharepoint 2010 ).  But the dashboards are working absolutely fine on DESKTOP machine , reports are being rendered on the DESKTOP machine .
I am unsure why the dashboards are not working on IPAD only.
Could you please help me in troubleshooting this issue and hence resolving this issue.

Please Note : Only the content headers are being displayed on IPad, but not the reports.

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Rainer JeschorCommented:

which SharePoint Version (exact one - like SP 2010 SP 1 - CU Oct 2011 ...)
Did the reports worked before?

For Performance Point Reports to work on iPads you need at least Cumulative Update December 2011 - otherwise they wont work in iPads. Still there are more limitations as SharePoint 2010 has not been designed/developed with mobile devices in mind.

n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Hi Rainer ,

   Yes , the reports always worked before , only from the last couple of weeks, they have stopped working. We are using the sharepoint version SP 2010 SP1.
Nothing(no software configurations) has changed , suddenly it stopped working.
I am assumimg that some patches may  be required to make it working.

So could you please give me the recommendations to make the Dashboards work on the IPAD as it was working earlier.


"Work on ipads" is technical misrepresentation.
Does it fail with chrome or firefox or only with safari?
Which version of iOS and iPAddle?
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
sorry for the delay - have been very busy.

As debugging on iPads is hardly possible, I just can suggest to use e.g. Chrome on a desktop computer, open the developer Tools and use the mobile device simulator and select the iPad device, reload the page and hopefully you get the same result as on physical iPads.

If this happens, we have a chance to identify that issue.

Could you please try that and post the result?

n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Hi Experts ,

     The PPS(Performance Point Server) Dasboards are working on the older version of  IO7 , but not working on IOS8 . That means , there is no issue with the browser .  What is the next step , I should do ?
n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Hi Experts,

I have tested the production dashboard on my iPad with IOS 8.1 , the site looks incorrectly on it. Tested on IOS 7.1, dashboard looks fine and working.

Now, I tested on desktop’s Chrome iPad simulator, it looks right, but I doubt this is still different with real iPad with IOS 8.    The problem might be only for IOS 8 and afterwards.

Could you please tell me if I have to implement any patches to make it work.

Does it render in iOS chrome and iOS Firefox?
The problem might lie with ubstandard default browser of IOS.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
from experiences from the past there are two possible problem zones:
- iOS had two times issues with Windows Authentication (NTLM) / Claims based - in iOS version 7 (fixed with 7.3 or 4) and iOS 8 but it should have been fixed with iOS 8.1

- Browser.compat settings in IIS

Does the rest of the SharePoint site works as expected? What authentication do you use?
Have you tried Google Chrome on iPad (not desktop)?

Thanks and HTH

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n_srikanth4Author Commented:
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