Can MSSQL 2008R2 database integrate with MSSQL 2012

Hello there,

I have 2 servers one is production which I have mssql2008 R2 installed on MSSERVER 2003 and I have another server MSSERVER 2012 which has MSSQL 2012. Now I want to create log shipping between the two DB. That is, the source will be sq2008r2 and target sql2012. Also I want to know will IS,RS,AS for SQL2012 work with SQL2008 DB.

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What is the end goal?

Why not transition to the 2012, if the current server is suitable after all functionality is transferred and operational, install 2012 and then do the log shipping setup.
zolfAuthor Commented:
the problem is the production server is on Server 2003 and that does not support SQL server 2012,so I am forced to stick with sqlserver 2008r2 but on the other server I have server 2012 and on this i have mssql 2012. this second server will be used for Reporting
zolfAuthor Commented:
Can somebody give me some suggestions as to how I can work around this issue. I managed to do log shipping between the 2 SQLs but with "No Recovery Mode" because when I select "Standby mode", the Log shipping fails.

Now the database on the sql server 2012 is shown in restoring mode continuously and I am not able to use this database for Reporting(Read Only). What is the way out for me.Please help,if you'll know some way out to this issue.
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Now the database on the sql server 2012 is shown in restoring mode continuously and I am not able to use this database for Reporting(Read Only).
Well, that's the way Log Shipping works. The replica is never available unless you stop the Log Shipping process.
If you want to have a replica always available you'll need to go for a Replication solution since MSSQL 2008R2 doesn't support AlwaysOn.

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zolfAuthor Commented:
If your sql version is enterprise, you can create a snapshot of the restoring database for reporting purposes.
Why not plan  for transition to tge newer server setup?
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