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Cable connection

Which cable (CAT5, CAT6 and CAT6A ) should I use for switch, router and servers connection ? Any difference ? Tks
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Dave Baldwin
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CAT5E is rated for Gigabit speeds and may be easier to work with than CAT6.  Links to CAT6 on this page too:
CAT-5 is rated to 100 Mhz
CAT-5e is rated to 350 Mhz
CAT-6 and CAT6e is rated to 550 Mhz or 1000 Mhz depending on your source
CAT-7 is rated to 700 Mhz or 1000 Mhz

Here are the basic difference :
Assuming you are running Gigabit or slower, and have no plans for anything faster, any of these will be fine. Usually, Cat5E is cheapest and easiest.

Unless you have or plan to upgrade all networking equipment to 10Gb standard, there is no need to use CAT 6 or above.

CAT 5e and CAT 6 have not much difference if you use them in your server room.
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Michael Best
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