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VSA netowrk best scenario

we will get 6 servers to build VSAN cluster
every server has 3 network interfaces  1 1G  the other 2 10G
i want to configure the 1G interface to be used for remote management like to connect to console and power-off and power-on the server
the second 2 10G interfaces i want to configure them like this
1 for vmkernal like managment - vmotion - FT - and also for vmware network traffic  
2 only for VSAN

then i will configure teaming for these 2 10G interface to be backup for each other

so i tried to do this on my lab so i create VDS

but my question here why the all uplinkes get the same ips how can i control Evey physical interface IP

and for the vmware network traffic also i need to create different VLANs with different sub net
so what i have to do exactly . i think just i have to configure the routing on the physical switches and create vmware port group normally ? the the vmware trafiic will be sent to the port on the physical switch and the routing will take care of the packet right ?

sorry i never worked with VDS

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You need to create 3x port groups, 3 vmKernel virtual adapters. Then map each port group to the vmkernel and assign an ip address and mark the "checkbox" for each vmKernel virtual adapter. This is where ESX will tag the traffic for management / vmotion and FT.

You don't need to configure routing, as long as they are in the same VLAN. So the following ip address are valid as long as they have not been used.

This is assuming all interfaces have VLANs trunking enabled.

1. Create port groups and  associate VLANs for each:
Home > Networking > New Port Group
Type - Name
Maganement - VLAN10
VMKernel  - VLAN20
FT  - VLAN30

2. Configuration > Manage virtual adapter > General
vmk0 - VLAN10 - - Select check box - Use this ... Management traffic
vmk1 - VLAN20 - - Select check box - Use this ... vMotion
vmk2 - VLAN30 - - Select check box - Use this ... FT logging

Reference guide:
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Hi Mazdajai

thank you so much for you kind advice

what i need exactly is  to make sure after i configure the physical switches port link link aggregation
so the physical switches will know to load balance and failover the traffic between these 2 physical ports

then i will configure on distribution switch some distribution ports groups then assign every DPG to vmkernel network

but what i need exactly i need to make sure that the VSAN traffic will go only from on uplink2 the other uplink1 will be standby

and the other traffic will go only from uplink1 and the other will be standby

so please check the attached file and tell me if my configuration is right link this

or i have to do something ells like add teaming and fail over policy also

It depends if you are using LACP or etherchannel. I would recommend configuring load balancing on the interface.
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Hi Mazdajai

thank you for your update
i really don't need any type of load balance between these 2 physical interfaces (( uplinks ))
what i need exactly that every uplink will carry type of traffic and in case this uplink crashed the other uplink will carry the other traffic .

so for example this is my configuration and i want you to tell me if this is right or not

0- on the physical switches configure LACP for the physical ports

1- we have 6 hosts every host has 2 10 G physical interface
2- i created VDS on the vcenter and i create different type of VM kernel
a- management
b- FT
c- vmotion

3- i created these distributed port groups
a- management
b- FT
c- vmotion
f- VM network

then i assigned    management - FT - vmotion - VM network  to the first physical interface (( uplink1 )) and i applied teaming configuration the the second physical interface as backup for the first

then i assigned VSAN  to the second physical interface (( uplink 2 )) and i applied teaming configuration the the first physical interface as backup for the second

please check my 2 attached files in the previous post and tell me if this configuration right and will meet my requirements

thanks again
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