Another ActiveX ComboBox problem

Have a ComboBox that gets built by VBA.
I have attached the workbook (trimmed down to necessary items)
I cannot for the life of me get the ComboBox to show the correct date format (dd-mmm-yyyy) in the dropdown list, even though it shows the correct date when selected. Except for dates such as 10/7/2015 which reads as 10-Jul-2015 instead of 07-Oct-2015
Been at this for two days now, and need therapy.
Please help by running the macro attached to the button "DSV Procedure" on the PasteSheet. I have placed Stops in the code at each stage for analysis.
Any help would save me a trip to the shrink
Stephen ByromWarehouse/ShippingAsked:
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pls try

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
aTextDate = Format(ComboBox1.Text, "mm/dd/yyyy")
If Application.EnableEvents = False Then
    Exit Sub
End If
Application.EnableEvents = False
ComboBox1.Value = Format(DateSerial(Year(aTextDate), Month(aTextDate), Day(aTextDate)), "dd/mmm/yyyy")
Application.EnableEvents = True
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("LookUpLists").Range("DSVdate").Value = Me.ComboBox1.Value
Range("DSVfigures").Font.Color = vbBlack
End Sub

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Stephen ByromWarehouse/ShippingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply RG, but not solved the problem
then try

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("LookUpLists").Range("DSVdate").Value = DateValue(ComboBox1.Value)
Range("DSVfigures").Font.Color = vbBlack
End Sub

' and change
'fill combobox1
Dim cmb As ComboBox
Dim rng As Range
lastdate = WS4.Cells(Rows.Count, 18).End(xlUp).Row

Set cmb = Worksheets("Movements").ComboBox1
    For Each rng In Worksheets("Movements").Range("R1:R" & lastdate)
        cmb.AddItem Format(rng, "dd-MMM-yyyy")
cmb.ListIndex = 0

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Stephen ByromWarehouse/ShippingAuthor Commented:
Perfect! Brilliant!
Thanks so much for your time
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