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Can any provide me with an approach to conduct a source to target mapping sessions with a client.  What should I be addressing?  What are questions should I ask?  Should there be a document that describes what the approach will be?  Can you provide a template of a source to target mapping document in Excel?
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What is the source? Is source data being loaded to staging table(s)? We use excel spreadsheets all the time to map source data to target tables, primarily from xml data to Oracle database tables and columns. Unfortunately, it's proprietary data so I can't supply specific templates but, if you can supply a little more description of your scenario, perhaps I could provide you with some guidance.
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Is this an Agile question? If so, how?
Mark GeerlingsDatabase Administrator

And, what is the target?  Are you mapping Oracle data somewhere to Oracle tables somewhere else?  Or, are you mapping Excel data to Oracle?  Or, SQL Server data to Oracle?  Or, something else?  We don't have nearly enough details from you to know exactly what you are asking for.
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I have completed the test plan.  I just need to know what instructions do I provide to them to complete it.  I just need help with the wording.  I just want to make sure I being very clear about what they need to do.  Do I instruct them to run a excel report and do a comparison against the data, I will be providing to them.  I am just not sure what to provide to them other than the test plan?  If I can get steps on what to tell them.


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