Wireless Connectivity Drops and/or Limited at Random in Domain Environment

Ok, so this one might be a little tricky to figure out what the problem is, but if we can talk it through we might be able to figure out what's going on. I have a domain environment set up at home, and recently my wireless clients have been getting intermittent connection issues.
My laptop, running windows 10, which I am typing this question on now, every once and a while, will switch to limited connectivity and I loose internet. Chrome will give me a "no internet", or "dns probe" error. It usually fixes itself in a few minutes or doing an ipconfig release/renew fixes the problem. When this connection problem occurs, I cannot ping any devices on the network, including the wireless access point. This is not the only device that has issues. It seems that all wireless devices will drop connections. When the phones drop wireless, they disconnect from the AP and will not automatically reconnect. When the laptops drop the connection, they will only switch to limited connectivity but remain connected to WAP. When trying to reconnect, sometimes the phones will have issues obtaining an IP address or during Authentication on the WAP.

None of the wired devices have any connection loss during these times. All wired devices remain in constant connectivity through the gateway to the internet, however they do sometimes have a problem "seeing" the DC even when other devices can. Take this weird scenario:

I use Plex to stream media from the server to the xbox one all within the local network. To manage my media library I am able to login via the plex service port 32400 in a browser from any device on my network. While I am connected, I will get a notification that the plex service has been lost, then found, then lost, then found. It will happen randomly while I am connected through a browser on a wireless device. However, during the same time that my wireless clients are loosing the server, my xbox one can be streaming from the server with not a single problem. (This happens even when I am not streaming from server.)

Simple Network Diagram
Device details:
The modem is supplied by TWC and has a Dynamic IP.
The DC is Windows Server 2008 running AD/DNS/DHCP/Routing/NAP. (I know that's not a good idea to have all those extra services on the Active Directory DC, I plan on splitting them up later.)
The switch is a DLink DIR-817LW (Just a simple home wireless AP that supports 2.4 & 5 GHz wireless w/ 4 Eth ports)

I have the wireless access point configured with 802.1x and to authenticate users via RADIUS through the server.

I am almost certain that the issues are server related. These issues did not start until after I did a complete re-install of the DC operating system and reinstalled all the server roles. I am not sure what I must have messed up, but for the most part the network runs smoothly (except for the occasional wireless drops and the server disappearing/reappearing).

If anyone can help that would be much appreciated as I am not sure where to start besides just doing another whole re-install and hoping that I configure things properly the first time this time.
Joshua SpragueAsked:
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Hi, I don't know the answer, but it could have something to do with Radius, either dropping out or dropping authentication.
I guess that because it seems to be the only place to look beside the NIC, and the NIC seems to work because you have wired connections working through the DLink.

There is a possible clue on this short page https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc755205(v=ws.10).aspx

It will be interesting to see what the answer really is.

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Joshua SpragueAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot. I haven't noticed any dropouts since I made the change. It's strange though, I had never needed to specify the MTU size before I reinstalled the OS. I wonder why it worked before when it wasn't specified but this time around it needed to be specified. Anyways, thanks a bunch!
Joshua, Thank you! I am glad that it helped. Maybe there was a slightly different setup on the other one. Reading the MS page, it didn't seem like they really knew why it was sometimes and sometimes not either. Thanks again, B.
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