DNS issue on one Win 7 pc

Have a weird DNS issue on one Win 7 pc.  I have one user who tries to access this location  "\\server1\Web\" and she sees only one folder in Windows Explorer.  However when she uses "\\\Web" she sees all 20 folders that are in that location.  When she logs into a different pc everything works fine (she sees all 20 folders).  So it must be isolated to this particular pc.  We have 3 DNS servers and we have a DHCP server on our Sonicwall.  She is 1 of 5 individuals who has been given a static ip from our Sonicwall.   She is the only on experiencing this issue.

Things I've tried so far on her pc:

Tried rebooting
I tried ipconfig/flushdns
Did ipconfig/all and verified that she is pointing to the correct 3 DNS servers
When I ping 'server1' it resolves correctly to
When I do a reverse ping -a, it resolves correctly to 'server1'
Checked the host file and nothing is in there.  
Tried adding the server to the host file but still same result.  

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Pull the pc out of the domain and then put it back into the domain.
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
That means that you have a kerberos problem on this PS. When you connect to remote Server using \\192.x.y.z\share name, Kerberos is not used (by Design)

Rejoin the computer Will probably fix this.

Before rejoining you can check:

- The time is OK
- See if there are any errors in EventViewer
It could be firewall related.
Did you maybe already check the Windows Firewall ?
And did you check if the Sonicwall firewall configuration for this computer is the same as for the other computers.

You could try to check if port 445 (SMB) and port 139 (NetBIOS) on can be reached from the Windows 7 computer.
You can use telnet or portqry (from Microsoft) for this.
You might have to install the Telnet Client (not the server).
Start a command prompt (cmd.exe)
start telnet 445
start telnet 139

Open in new window

When a connection is possible the new window should stay open.
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May be the issue with reverse DNS entry into DNS server.

Please check PTR record for this computer.

If it's not there, then please add PTR record into DNS server.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
rejoining domain didn't work.  didn't check if the ports are open because I am able to access everything ok when I use the ip address.  As for the PTR records on the DNS server, went into 'Reverse Lookup Zones' and we don't seem to have any of our local pc's listed in there, only servers are listed.  However as I said, when I do a reverse ping on the ip address it is resolving correctly to 'server1'.

Also, when I log in as a different user with the same permissions, this user is not able to access the '\\server1\Web'.  It says 'You do not have permissions to access this resource'.  However, when he tries '\\\Web' he gets right through.  what the heck?

any other ideas?
Can you please double check if you are using Direct-hosted SMB only or also NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

By default, both NetBIOS and direct hosting are enabled, and both are tried in parallel when a new connection is established. The first to succeed in connecting is used for any given attempt. NetBIOS over TCP/IP support can be disabled to force all traffic to use TCP/IP direct hosting.

Direct-hosted SMB traffic does not use NetBIOS and is only using port 445/TCP and port 445/UDP.

NetBIOS uses 139/TCP for NetBIOS name resolution and also port 137/UDP and 138/UDP but as these are UDP they can't be verified that easily.

To make sure that the problem is not NetBIOS related.
Could you try to disable temporary NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the NIC of your server as described in the articles.
And then try again from the workstation.
You can revert the setting back immediately after the test.

Please also note that by using the IP-address you are using port 445 only.
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
I can try to temporarily disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the server maybe later tonight.

Also I noticed this when I tried to log into \\server1\Web

"Offline status: Offline"
"Offline availability: Available"

 Offline Status
And when I go to \\\Web it says:

"Offline status: Online"
"Offline availability: Not available"
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
Ok that was it.  Go into 'Control Panel', then 'Sync Center' then 'Manage Offline Files'.  Some offline files were enabled on this particular server location.  Once I disabled offline files and rebooted everything went back to normal.  Yay me.

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jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
I give myself an 'A'
I give you an A too!  High five!!!
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