Can not resolve external websites from my LAN

All DNS experts:

I am experiencing an issue where I am unable to resolve external websites from my LAN.  We have internal DNS using Windows 2008 Servers and this functions correctly, however I think I something is not configured correctly so I am able to correctly resolve external websites.

We would be grateful to any suggestions or assistance.
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Todd WSystems AdministratorCommented:
Is your DC facing the internet or do you have a firewall between your network and the internet?

from your DC can you get to 
from your workstations, can you get to

so what happens if you go to

what happens when you go to

if you cannot get to the first but can get to the 2nd, then you have a DNS issue internally.  DNS on your DC should be pointing to (or at least include) your internet provider's DNS servers (or at the very least google's DNS servers of and  That is unless you're using a firewall at which point you would want your DNS on servers that workstations authenticate into to point to the firewall and the firewall should be configured to use either google DNS or your internet providers's DNS.

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DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Open the DNS console on your DC. Right-click the server's name in the left pane and select Properties. In the properties window, check the Forwarders and Root Hints tabs. The Forwarders tab will generally contain one or more public DNS servers, either your ISP's servers or well-known public servers like

If that tab is empty, it's probably not a problem, as long as the Root Hints tab is correctly populated. It should look like this:
Root hints listThere should be entries for everything from through, and each one should have a unique public IPv4 address. (The ones you see in the screenshot should match the ones on your system.)

It may simplify things if you can post screenshots of both of those tabs here.
rmessing171ConsultantAuthor Commented:
It turns out we have Split DNS enabled with our company domain.  I needed to update the internal DNS split DNS for the Company's Domain and add an A Record with the sub-domain that I was unable to reach.

Thank you to all who assisted me with suggestions.
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