how to downgrade my windows OS from windows 7


I have upgraded earlier to windows 7 enterprise i think on my dell laptop, but when i open 'Control E' windows explorer is crashing all of suddent which is annoying. I want to go back to dell factory default OS which is windows 7 home i think . How do i go about doing downgrade. Also i keep getting mcaffee messae like your firewal off you are comprimising security. where to turn that thing on. please advise
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
There is no path to downgrade. You will need to backup your data, and perform a fresh install.  The good thing is that you can most likely use the recovery partition on your computer.

Sounds like your issue isn't with going to Enterprise, you might have some malware on your computer.

You might want to see if you can clean it up saving yourself a re-install.

But if you still do want to go to factory settings just do a search on your make/model of laptop on how to do a factory restore.

Again, be sure to make a backup of your data and verify the data is safe.

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gudii9Author Commented:
you might have some malware on your computer.

how to check and remove safely?
Dell Backup and Recovery Basic comes preloaded on new Dell Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices and offers the following features:
Create reinstall disks (rescue disks) for your device
Reset your device to the original factory state
Manually back up and restore your data

Press F8 during boot (startup screen)
Select “Repair Your Computer”
Select “Dell Backup and Recovery” from the Recovery Options Menu
Follow the onscreen guide.

Further info, see
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Although you cannot downgrade, if the computer has a recovery partition with an image on it (usually from the factory) you can boot to the recovery partition and set everything back to factory defaults (press F12 during startup, depending on your computer).  You will lose all your data, so use something like DriveImageXML to back everything up (see my article).
for checking for virus/malware, update first your AV and let it scan the whole drive
then run these too :                         MBAM                  Roguekiller

you can also run chkdsk on your drive, or sfc scannow if you like
gudii9Author Commented:
i did repair yesterday by pressing f8 and also fixed mccaffee whose firewall turned off and ran full scan which did not find any virus though. I hope mcaffee full scan check for malware as well. After repair i noticed once the windwos explorer did not close. But i will do more testing today evening and let you guys know.
gudii9Author Commented:
i tested still windows explorer is closing abruptly. I think i have to downgrade to factory default. Hopefully that is only option. But i have 300 GB of data not sure where i back it up
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
If you don't already have a cloud backup service, you should get one.  I recommend CrashPlan for home users ( from code42.  Bsiness users should use inSync from Druva.  Crashplan free allows you to backup to some other computer or drive at no cost to you.   (do you have a friend with extra space on their harddrive?).  Or just buy an external drive - they are cheap enough.  Do you have a USB 3 port?  USB 3 would get it done much faster than USB 2.

Check out this article on cloud backup and this one on backup.
gudii9Author Commented:
Crashplan  how much space they give for fre?
usb3 only i think. How to confirm?
300 Gb  backup?  buy a 1,2 or 4 TB disk drive  -they are cheap nowadays - around 60$
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Look at the port. If it's blue it's USB3.  If it's not, it's USB2.

This issue aside, if you have 300 Gig of data and it's important to you, you need to back it up.  At the minimum get a portable USB drive.  As stated above, they are very affordable.

Backing up your data should be the first thing you focus on.  Otherwise, you could be looking for help on how to get your important data back on a crashed drive.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
In terms of crashplan they give 0 space free.  The free portion backs up to a local drive, USB drive, external anything, or another drive of a friend. For a family it is 145 for unlimited cloud storage. (Cheap in comparison to what you would pay if you were hit by Ransomware)

I have about 2tb of data in their cloud. I also backup to a local drive.  All are versioning backups.
gudii9Author Commented:
300 Gb  backup?  buy a 1,2 or 4 TB disk drive  -they are cheap nowadays - around 60$

4tb i can get for 60$?  I like usb passport type not electrical type?
i meant an internal drive; external ones cost a bit more

you said :"I hope mcaffee full scan check for malware as well."  they don't specifically look for them
so best run the 2 scans i suggested aswell
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