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Good afternoon:

I have a report that contains a subreport.  I have passed the value from the subreport to the main report to use in the Report total.  My problem is - I can't Sum the field with the Shared/Passed variable.  

Formula on Main report to pull the data from the sub to the main:
This resides in the GroupFooter1 section (SO OrderNumber Footer)

I need to total this field, a running total in the report footer to add to the Total Extended Margin.

When I attempt to add a field to Sum the information above into the Report Footer - when the report runs it prompts me for a value.  

I'm new to Access 2010.  

Any help is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.
Erin LealeConsultant/ControllerAsked:
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What is the name of the Textbox that has this formula?  If for instance, the name is txtExtAmount, then you can add a Textbox to your report footer with the following:
Erin LealeConsultant/ControllerAuthor Commented:
Hi Ron:

I tried that.  I created a Textbox:  = Sum([txtMiscCharge]) - the text box is located in the Report Footer.  When the report runs, it prompts me for a value.  I'm not sure why it is doing that.  

Is it an evaluation time issue on that field?

Would you be able to upload a copy of the db with just the report and subreport along with enough data in the table to view it?  Be sure to remove any private info first.

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Try the direct calculation:


Erin LealeConsultant/ControllerAuthor Commented:
* Ron - The database is very large, this is only a portion of it.  If I can create a small example today I will upload.

* Gustav - I tried the example formula above, it doesn't prompt me but returns a 0 value, in the example I have it should return 325.00.  Is there a running total function that I can use?  What I have found and tried put the running total in the Group Footer - if I move the field to the Report footer - it returns a 0.

Thank you.
Erin LealeConsultant/ControllerAuthor Commented:
All - I got it to work.

On the [MiscChrg] field - Data Tab | Running Sum | I changed that to OverAll.  I left it in the Section with the subreport and turned the visible property to no.

In the Report Footer - I created a Text box, set the control source to =[MiscChrg] - I'm now able to use the total in the Report Total for the GM Dollars.

Thank you.

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Erin LealeConsultant/ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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