jquery mvc5 button question

Fairly new to jQuery

I have  a series of buttons that I want to use to display some other html and hide it when done.  I have this

      <input id="DisplayData" type="button" class="gbtn" value="Display" />

<br />

<div id="data" style="display:none">
    Now is the time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br />
    <input id="HideData" type="button" class="gbtn" value="Hide" />

<div id="data2" style="display:none">   <------------------------------------- Second Div that I want to toggle display on and off
    Now is the time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br />
    <input id="HideData2" type="button" class="gbtn" value="Hide" />

<script type="text/javascript">

    $("#DisplayData").button().click(function () {

    $("#HideData").button().click(function () {



My question is I have have 10 of these <div id="data">  do I need to create a separate  jQuery function for each? or can I get one function to handle all the  ID's
Charles BaldoSoftware DeveloperAsked:
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Najam UddinCommented:
All 10 can be managed by two buttons (if that is what you asked for)

 $("#DisplayData").button().click(function () {
        // so on

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Julian HansenCommented:
You have two options

First prize - give each of the <div>'s a class and target the class
<div class="toggle-me" id="data1">...</div>
<div class="toggle-me" id="data2">...</div>
<div class="toggle-me" id="data10">...</div>

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In the event handler
$('.gbtn').click(function(e) {

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Notice we are toggling based on click on a .gbtn class - if you want to hide your DisplayData button on toggle you can give it a toggle me class as well - that way it will hide when clicked and the HideData will show and vice versa.

What is not clear from your post is whether you want the HideData to hide ALL div's or only its parent. Post back if it is not all.

Another option (not using classes) is to use the wildcard selector on the data prefix of the id like this

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Not my preference - I would go with the class - but if you are confined to using only id's then the above will work.

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Charles BaldoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank You
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