spantree question for HP Procurve

I have about 50 HP procurve switches on my network, no cisco. The core is already set as root spantree. Is there a best practice for applying spantree for the other 49 switches. Do you start from Core out or furthest to core back in?

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No need to change STP priority on other switches except on two switches that you want as your primary and secondary root bridge.
Other configuration guidance would be that a spanning tree should have no more than seven bridge hops.

Configure ports to end devices with
spanning-tree x admin-edge-port
spanning-tree x bpdu-protection

Trunks should be configured with
no spanning-tree x admin-edge-port

If you want faster convergence enable rstp.

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officertangoAuthor Commented:
I only have spantree enabled on the core but enabled on the other 49 hp switches. So I want to go back and enabled them but do nit know where to enabled first, closest to core switch or furthest first. When I enabled stp, how ling will users be down? Thanx
Default convergence time for STP is up to 50 seconds. 30 seconds for listening and learning phases + up to 20 seconds for max age timer. I believe direction does not really matter, but I guess users would be less affected if you go from edge of network in core direction (although from core to edge of network sounds more logical).
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
You would want to enable from the core outward (assuming the core has already been configured with a lower priority).  In other words, enable spanning-tree on switches that are connected to switches which have spanning-tree enabled.  

That will reduce the convergence since the root bridge will not change while you enable spanning-tree on the switches.
Also little suggestion - set priorities properly and pick Edge/Nonedge ports. Otherwise you'll see tons of TCNs and possible service disruptions.
There was also nice article on the HP's website which of course doesn't work after company's split.
officertangoAuthor Commented:
do you have command for edge/nonedge port setting?
I already gave you those in the first post here, just did not explain why. :)
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