Coldfusion Detect and remove phone numbers from a string / input

Does anyone know of a routine that removes phone numbers from a string.
Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAsked:
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can you please give us more details ? what is the code? from where that data is coming ect
it will help us to understand ur problem
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
You can use rereplace which uses a reg ex to do a find and replace, but you will need to determine the number formats to be replaced and the best way to process it.

rereplace(str_to_search, reg_ex, replace_with[, scope])

scope is usually all , default is 'one'

now you need to determine the number format of what you want to replace
US/Can phone numbers
Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAuthor Commented:
People can enter free format text.  They are not allowed to enter phone numbers in their text ad, but
I dont want to stop say 7 years   or 7 miles or 97 kilometers. They will be in all formats as I run a world wide site.

I found a regex for this for  php from another expert site.  I tried to translate this to coldfusion but it failed

So basically if they have numbers grouped together remove them

PHP working example

function removeEmailAndPhoneFromString($string) {
    // remove email
    $string = preg_replace('/([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]+)@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.)|(([a-zA-Z0-9\-]+\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{2,4}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?)/','',$string);

    // remove phone
    $string = preg_replace('/([0-9]+[\- ]?[0-9]+)/','',$string);

    return $string;

echo removeEmailAndPhoneFromString('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, 555-123 555 consectetur adipiscing elit.');

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My Attempt

  <!--- remove phone numbers   ---->    
                             <cfset LoadNotes = REReplaceNoCase
							 (LoadNotes,"/\+?[0-9][0-9()-\s+]{4,20}[0-9]/", "[removed]", "all")>
But I get CF error

Malformed regular expression "/\+?[0-9][0-9()-\s+]{4,20}[0-9]/".
Reason: Invalid [] range in expression.. <br>The error occurred on line

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(no points...)

Regex's aren't my strong suit, but ... I'm guessing CF is interpreting the middle dash "-" as the start of a range.  Try escaping it:


... instead of

Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your effort , I changed it but it did not do anything.

I found another solution that appears to work

I would keep it simple:

Two numbers, one or more of whitespace, numbers or a hyphen.

Require more characters with:

(two numbers and 5 or more of whitespace, numbers of hyphens) which will reduce the number of mis-hits.

These will include an extra space following the phone-number, but the results could be trimmed.

Rather than trim, though, I would remove the hyphens and whitespace and count the number of digits leftover to recognise them as phone numbers.

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Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAuthor Commented:
I also found another solution. I was just using wrong search term in google.

Since while you could try to write some crazy REGEX that would qualify each number based on it's country code, dialing prefix, etc for matching in your purposes this is not needed and would be a waste of time. From a Bayesian approach the longer numbers tend to be 18 characters (Argentina mobile numbers) with possibility of a leading + character followed by numbers [0-9] or \d, parenthesis (), brackets [] and possibly spaces , periods ., or hyphens - and one obscure format with a /.

\b\+?[0-9()\[\]./ -]{7,17}\b
Yeah, I was just addressing the syntax error.  Regex's aren't my strong suit, so I would've been surprised if it worked out of the box ;-)   Glad you found something that works.  Thanks for posting the answer.
Ian WhiteOwner and FounderAuthor Commented:
I tested it and it works
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