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We are a large enterprise and we have consultants across the globe. I am looking at advise on how I can have Software deployed to these consultants who hold laptops via the internet without having to share the installer or license keys to them.

Connecting them via VPN back to the CORP network and having them install is a lengthy and tedious option.

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Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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What software are you using and needing to install?

Most commercial software requires some kind of license key to permit installation and confirm it is a legitimate copy.

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Usually one deploys licence server that for example can hand out floating licences (very cost-efficient if it is really around the globe - while europe sleeps asia partys)


Wherever we have the ability to have a central licensing server which permits this funcationality this has been leveraged. We are looking at various products from Adobe to Microsoft to Oracle to Various others.

I understand there are products that need keys and some come already embedded and some are substantiated with paper licenses.

My question revolves specifically on a deployment method to safeguard the executable and the license key.
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Adobe = flexlm server (licence active sessions) renamed ALM
Microsoft = KMS (reactivate enterprise agreement products every now and then, like months)
Oracle = they trust yout honesty (check if it is better to have Oracle servers licenced per CPU or named user for each user active and kept employed in this year)

Indeed you need to check with salespersons about licencing modes.

If you intend to safeguard executables , Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare, and probably some otgers alow to package applications hiding the executables, but having effective licence enforcement in place you dont need any of that.
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Can you elaborate on why you gave B grade?
Do you have better information than I?

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