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Account Lockout Issue

We have 2 domains on 2 separate networks. Lets call it:
Domain A
Domain B
Network A
Network B

Domain A is on network A and Domain B is on network B. Network A is accessible from network B but not B from A. Users have accounts on both domains using first initial last name. There are reasons it has to be done this way that I wont get into here.

My issue is that a Machine that is on Domain/Network B has an application that is requesting authentication from Domain A using domain b credentials. Since the user name is present on domain A also, but the domain is wrong, Domain A is locking the users account every couple minutes.

I have looked at all the logs. I know what machine it is coming from. What I can not figure out is how to narrow down what process on the machine is making this request to the wrong domain. Any Ideas?

I apologize for the confusing post. I can try to clarify if need be.
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I was able to find a program that was installed on his profile but not any others. This was a domain admin tool and he mistakenly put in the address of Domain A Controller instead of B but did not remember doing it.

Thanks for your help, That one was frustrating me.
Ive had this before with a Rogue Admin account lockout, some one had mapped a drive with the wrong details and each time that PC connected it locked the account out, very frustrating to track down the target machine/account that was causing the issue.