Onclick of anchor tag I am showing Customer Testimonials DIV but the height is not expanding

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am displaying customer testimonials in a horizontal scroll using flexslider. They are displayed when you click on view all testimonials link as shown below in JSFiddle

You will notice that when the link is clicked the testimonial container gets displayed but the height is getting not expanding. I am pretty sure I am missing like style height or something.

Thanks and appreciate it


$('#see-all').click(function () {
    selector: ".cd-testimonials > li",
    animation: "slide",
    controlNav: false,
    slideshow: false,
    smoothHeight: true,
    start: function () {
            'opacity': 1,
            'position': 'relative'

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Everything appears to be in place.  I don't see any errors.

Have you seen this site(http://www.myjqueryplugins.com) I use it all the time for my jQuery needs

Here's the specific page on the flexslider


Sorry I can'e be of much help, but maybe this will resolve your issue


Thanks for replying but its not displaying properly what I mean is if you click on view all testimonials the black box being displayed below is not showing properly as you can't see the content inside

Which browser are you using?  

This code only works with IE9, Chrome and a fairly recent build of FireFox.   Is it possible you are testing on an incompatible browser?

What happens in other browsers?


Thanks for replying I used a different code and solved my issue. I will still you the points :)

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