vb.net sql insert with parameters is not working when data type is int

I have been working on this for a few days now.. discovered most of the problems I created for myself.
I think I have those problems worked out now.

I have an asp.net project with vb.net code behind.. I am taking values from a bunch of controls on the page and updating a sql table with the information... everything  is working until I come to the first value that is an integer.

Here are two examples - one is for a varchar and the other is for the int..
I have verified that the parameter does hold the correct value when it hits
I have also verified that the datatype in the sql db is an int
any help would be great.. thanks

            If txtGLCode.Text = "" Then
                cmd.Parameters.Add("@GL_Code", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = DBNull.Value
                cmd.Parameters.Add("@GL_Code", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = txtGLCode.Text
            End If

            If txtSubAccount.Text = "" Then
                cmd.Parameters.Add("@SubAccount", SqlDbType.Int).Value = DBNull.Value
                cmd.Parameters.Add("@SubAccount", SqlDbType.Int).Value = txtSubAccount.Text
            End If

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David ModugnoAsked:
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
The issue is that you are trying to assign a text string to a Integer in the database. First convert it to an Integer then assign it. Also make sure that the column in the database is nullable.
If txtSubAccount.Text = "" Then
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@SubAccount", SqlDbType.Int).Value = DBNull.Value
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@SubAccount", SqlDbType.Int).Value = Integer.Parse(txtSubAccount.Text)
End If

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You also might want to add a check for isnumeric too so casting as integer won't throw an error
  If txtSubAccount.Text = "" Then
                cmd.Parameters.Add("@SubAccount", SqlDbType.Int).Value = DBNull.Value
            Elseif not isnumeric(txtSubAccount.Text) then
messagebox.show("non-numeric text")
exit sub
                cmd.Parameters.Add("@SubAccount", SqlDbType.Int).Value = cint(txtSubAccount.Text)
            End If
David ModugnoAuthor Commented:
thank you solved my problem perfectly
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Not a problem David, glad I was able to help.
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